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Friday, September 9, 2011


The weather is soo fresh and cool now with gentle breezes carrying the scent of the fields in them. Everything from summer is slowly coming to an end, summer flowers and bushes , most summer birds are now migrating and the fall birds have returned. Grasses in the fields have changed color and all the summer gardens and wild flowers are looking ragged, the fall garden flowers are out for sale and the fall wild flowers have bloomed and the trees are slowly loosing their leaves and changing color. The sounds of the Crows and Blue Jays echo in the air as the Geese fly over in their formation . The smell of bonfires fill the air now more each week and the farmers get ready for harvest and tend to their crops as the sun sets earlier now !The sight of pumpkins slowly appear as does fall decor.Talks of fall fairs are all a buzz as folks prepare to show and tell their prides and joy and share with all who's there! I love this time of year all fresh and full of color for the long walks and photographs for  fall and harvest time is  almost here .








                               Until next time, hope you all have a wonderful day !

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fernvalley01 said...

you really cannot beat the fall colors in Ontario!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh,, your photos are so gorgeous!... I especially love the one of the sweet cows with the stunning Autumn colors in the background... you describe Autumn just the way I love it... and the thought of Autumn fairs sounds so inviting... you are ahead of us as far as leaves changing, but ours will soon... enjoy this beautiful time of year my friend!... xoxo Julie Marie

grammie g said...

Hi you are getting color ..we are not at that stage yet!

Your shots are lovely..especially like the one with the cows in the pasture!!

Have a great weekend!!


Jeannelle said...

Lovely photos! I really like your blog.

West Side of Straight said...

Elaine - your pictures are absolutely beautiful! past post of raindrops on your plants great!!!!!!!!!! Loving this time of year the best!!!!. Wish the temps would stay this way for months!!!! cook evenings, and nice days! Have a great weekend. I'd tried earlier to post a comment, but got a message that I didn't have a google acct! dah! so waited awhile and now works. thanks for BD wishes! jo

Lois Evensen said...

Just beautiful images and words! You surely have a gift of combining the two. wonderful.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Elaine, you are ahead of us too as far as color changes. Some leaves have started falling from a neighbor's tree, but there are no colorful reds, oranges and yellows as in your photo. Hope you have a colorful and cool weekend.

Gail said...

I absolutely LOVE that last photo!

Pat said...

I love that third photo of the cows and fall foliage! Fall is definitely in the air with the cooler nights!

Teresa said...

You are certainly way more into fall than we are. I'm still getting tomatoes, but the fall flowers are starting to make their presence know.