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Thursday, September 8, 2011



Yesterday was rainy and chilly . We had rain during the night and it is cool, breezy , overcast and wet out this morning. The crickets are singing like crazy they seem to love this weather. I don't mind this weather but I prefer some sun every now and then makes it nicer to go out and take photos . When it rains I get kind of  fidgety and want to go out and take photos its like an addition to me so when the rain stops at any point I run out, see what there is to photograph and hope for the best , pretty sad though isn't it lol . So this morning I did just that !

                                      I put on my lumber jacket and Wellies and off I went !


                                             All I saw was rain drops  everywhere !


                                           Rain drops on my cloths line !


                                                           Rain drops on this leaf!


                                                          Rain drops on my Iris leaves !


                                               And on these tiny buds !


                                                              Wet grass and wet boots !


                                                     Wet flowers to their roots !


                                               Drops of rain reflect their colors !


                                             And a wet dog who just wants to play !


   Butterfly chimes dancing and singing in the breeze ! A  humming bird feeder with nectar so sweet !

                                So even though it was wet and gloomy I was able to be snap  happy !

                                          Until next time, hope your day is snap happy !

                                                        COUNTRY GAL


Anonymous said...

Looking at all these pictures, especially that gorgeous flower in pic#8....rain ain't so bad! It even gave a very nice poetic tone to your picture captions. Thanks for sharing.


Mama-Bug said...

Rain drops are lovely things to capture in a photo! Love these.

Ms. ~K said...

I must admit, I enjoyed our recent rains from TS's been a long, hot summer here in North Ga!
Hugs and belly rubs to Miggy,

Alica said...

Love your rain pictures! Rain drops add a certain beauty, even in their "gloomyiness"! Thanks for stopping by my blog're much better at keeping up than I!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

We've had rain all week, and I feel like it's nothing but dreary and drab, but your post inspires me to go out and look for things to remind me why it isn't--THANKS for that!! :-)

Lois Evensen said...

Beautiful images of the rain and changing seasons.

Nancy's Notes said...

Elaine, those photographs are absolutely spectacular! You are a great photographer and what a beautiful thing to have rain. I dream of raindrops falling some day, we are so very dry here in Texas, loved seeing your touching photographs! Thanks!


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Rain shots are beautiful as you well know, Elaine, as long as it's not pouring rain when you're outside.