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Friday, September 2, 2011



September is here  and  that time again for Harvest and fall to begin. Some folks here have already started harvest in many different ways.  I love the fall with cool nights fresh air and the wonderful colors of gold , red and orange and the smell of bond fires and the sounds of nature echo in the chilly air. The gathering of leaves , pine cones , pumpkins , gourd's  and scarecrows for harvest decoration. The sight, smell and sounds of farmers harvesting their fields .I love this season for photographs with all its bright colours  , folks with their porches and yards all decorated with perfection !  Families get together for harvest feasts and long walks in the leaves and watch the kids play and jump in them with ease, for this is that time of year again for fall , harvest and colourful leaves,  to snuggle up by the fire on chilly eves  and have cups of tea , to have the soft light of candles and lanterns flicker if that's  what you please, all the things I love about this time of year, the season of Fall or Autumn if you prefer , is a wonderful colourful , fresh time of the year !


Having a heat wave right now so having fall soon will be a blessing of cool fresh air !                              

                          Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful day !

                                          COUNTRY GAL


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on all of above..It is to me the wonderful time of the year. I'm am so glad that I am planted where the season changes...The fall has a different feeling, and it makes me feel good.. I hope it is a long fall, with plenty of gradual leaf changes.....from faith @ crochet by the sea

Anonymous said...

I love all those things, the best is the crackling fireplace and the smell of the wood burning.

Great basket arrangement, you have an eye for that.

Send some cool weather to the southern part of the USA, heat wave wont let up.


Pat said...

I love the fall, too, with the cooler weather and the colorful foliage!

Anonymous said...

That painting is beautiful, when all the leaves change colors....the row of trees along the trail, and a snow covered mountain on the horizon. Wonder who the artist is? Very nice basket arrangement too. That artist we do know. Enjoy the change!

- Seasons.

Niece said...

Love your post.....Fall is my most favorite time of year! You described it to a T!