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Tuesday, September 27, 2011



I just love having  pies, fruit crisp and cakes at this time of year. Our favourite pie is Blueberry with ice cream heat up the pie add the ice cream and its soo YUMMY ! I am not much of a baker all though I have made these yummy desserts before. We have wonderful Ma & Pa bakeries here that have all fresh home made goodies ,good old fashioned country pies and desserts .


              MMMMM Apple crisp with butterscotch ice cream and caramel drizzled on top !


                                                                           Blueberry crumble !


                                                              Blueberry pie mine and Papa’s  favourite !

I do love these desserts, nothing like them after a hardy home made soup , stew or turkey dinner. Then I would have a cup of tea after to wash it all down MMM YUMMY !

                       So share with us your favourite  oowy, goowy  yummy dessert treat !

                                                             COUNTRY GAL


Julie Marie said...

Oooh, these look delish! I just took some apple pie out of the freezer that I made a few weeks back... I always freeze part so we don't eat the whole pie at once (even though we could!)... Yum! Enjoy your pie and ice cream!... xoxo Julie Marie

fernvalley01 said...


Amish Stories said...

Looks great Elaine, and i bet that pie would be great served warm. Which is the way i like most of my pies, and you must serve shoo-fly-pie warm with some cream on top. Richard

Patsy said...

Now that made me drool.

Ms. ~K said...

Just gained 5 lbs by looking at these yummy sweets! :)