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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Oh my is it ever foggy out there today, it seems as if the sun has left us for good and Papas grass is soo over grown poor Miggy is up to her belly in it ! Mind you its all nice lush green grass, with a billion dandelions mixed in !  This weather does remind me of camping, cool damp and foggy , it just has the same feel and smell to it as a campers morn ! Now don't get me wrong I love camping but even then we had some sun ! 

Restoule June13_21 001

   From the days we went camping up north ! Were it rained for most of the week !

Rascal Racoon

This is Rascal our little critter friend that stole my Ritz cheese crackers right out of our tent as we slept ! Didn't touch Papas plain Ritz crackers nooo it had to be the cheese ones !

Elaines Restoule Pics 008

Restoule June13_21 002

                                                         My little kitchenette !

Elaines Restoule Pics 024

     Papa reading a sky map in hopes the night sky clears up to see the millions of stars in the night sky out over the lake and woods.

Restoule June13_21 004

                                     look what's that ?   is, is, is that sun shine ?

Restoule June13_21 019

                                          AAAA ! nothing like a camp fire !

Restoule June13_21 049

                              We had lots of dragon fly's around us .

Restoule June13_21 063

                                              From the beach across the lake !

Restoule June13_21 078

                                   It says , Ken & Elaine   ,   Restoule   June 2008.

    Papa making a mark of our being there in the sand and taking a photo of it !         


Restoule June13_21 088

                                              There is a mist forming on the lake !

Restoule June13_21 085

        It was a wonderful vacation and we had a blast back in 2008.

          Now we live in the country that has woods all around and with my fire pit in the yard and the sweet fresh air with the echo of birds and the occasional  critter around  a lake with in a minuets drive and a lovely river flowing through our area , well that's like camping every day to me  only with a few more lugeries of home ! So I guess if the rainy spring weather reminds me of this, then it cant be all that bad now can it !


                                   Artificial_Flower_Bush       COUNTRY GALArtificial_Flower_Bush


Red Gate Farm said...

Really beautiful! Thanks for taking us all on your camping trip!


Faye Henry said...

Looks like a beautiful vacation. Nice camping gear... smile..
We had a nice day here today.. Thank the Lord..