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Friday, May 27, 2011


It’s been a slow start to our gardening this year due to the strange spring we have had .We started planting in our gardens on Wednesday and are still going , rearranging this and that and figuring out what plants would do well were. Tomorrow I am getting more plants . We have a large garden in the back by our hedges that has just gone wild and not with all flowers either so I have to clean that up this weekend and re plant that's going to be a big job ! It has been rainy yesterday and today and the more it rains the faster all the weeds grow, its tuff to keep up with them but we are getting there !

          Photos of a few flowers we have planted in the garden and  our  planters !


           This is at the end of our driveway in front of our Country Cove sign that Papa made !



   My new little Lilac bush.We have Lilac bushes in the back there but they are behind the sheds and I cant see them from the house but this pretty one I can. After we put it in the weather turned stormy and windy so we have it tied to these posts to stop it from toppling over whilst we wait for it’s root system to form in the ground. 







                                                   And I need more ! lol


                                    We have a barrel of flowers on each end of our patio !


                                                        The front garden !



           My favourite garden piece , the wheel barrow Papa made for me last year !


    My new Knock out rose bush. Papa is making a trellis for me for my rose bush !

                     Well this is just the tip of our gardening, we still have lots to do !

                          Until next time, Hope you all have a colourful day !

                                   Artificial_Flower_BushCOUNTRY GALArtificial_Flower_Bush


Anonymous said...

I don't think my first comment went to you. So here goes again.
I will love seeing your flowers as they progress.
I said more last time but----- Blogger said they know about the problem with comments.

Gail said...

Just like a garden magazine! Wished ours looked that good.

Barbara said...

Wow such a beautiful array of flowers you have, it sure is beautiful, my flowers do not grow as big and gorgeous what is your secret/ Hugs and have a good weekend. Barbara from

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's such fun to add color all around the yard and we're doing that now too as well as planting the veggie garden. I haven't been able to comment the past few days and hopefully blogger is back on track.