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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well this is beautiful ! Hubby just finished making a planter wheel barrow for me ! It is fantastic, all made by his crafty hands!  Here are pics of  him in the crafting process!
                                                Hard at work sanding!                                              

                                                   Finished !   BEAUTIFUL  WORK !


Lynn said...

This sure is a beautiful planter wheel barrow! You're Hubby did a really wonderful job on making it! Please do share a picture once you have your flowers/plants in it, okay? You are so lucky to have such a crafty man! Thanks so much for sharing!


AnnCrago said...

...Nice work ...looks great , yes a picture with the flowers planted would be nice to see... Where are you going to display it ???
Hope you are having a great summer....are you all mushrooms yet LOL it's so humid !!! Luv Ya xxx

Country Gal said...

Thanx everyone ! Yes, he did a wonderful job! now he is working on a sign for his shed ! He really enjoys woodworking. Hope everyone is staying cool in this hot humid weather !