Woods Country Cove

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The weather has been sooo hot ! We haven't even had a chance to go boating . See we live only 6 minuets from the lake and our marina , while the winds off the lake have been a welcoming thing and helping with keeping the heat bearable, they haven't been doing good for boating! Lake Erie can get quite choppy with waves, and the weather can suddenly change bad with out warning, so we haven't had a chance to go out on the boat GRRRR !
So we have just been lazing around doing alot of reading, even James has a book on the go. The weather will be cooling down soon so I expect we will be boating and doing more out door things, We have a back patio that has a open porch type roof I call a overhang and it provides alot of shade and we have been out sitting under that most of the day till the sun hits just around 5 pm. Then we go in for a bit have dinner and venture out again when the sun has weakened at about 8 pm ! We watch the birds and all the the critters gather up food before they retire for the night! play with pup and just enjoy the evening. I hope the weather gets a bit less humid soon so we can get out and about !   Hope you all are keeping cool !


Laura said...

Good evening from the hottest area of Italy!!
Thank heaven we have summer, with all its flowers, vegetables, fruits !!!
I'm sooo soooo soooooo happy to have some hot days after that bad-long-cool-awful- winter!

AnnCrago said...

....I think I'll just float around in my bathtub...Oh wait..we changed it to a shower stall....Out door sprinkler here I come...Just like when I was a little kid !!!!
Who says ya can't go home again ?? LOL
Keep cool everyone....My Ziggy is having a break from this heat...no riding adventures for that chubby little man (or me either !!)