Woods Country Cove

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Finally we got to go boating . It was so nice just crusin around, pup loved it. She just loves having the wind run through her fur and she loves to try to catch the water that splashes from the boat when it breaks through the waves.  We were in the boat for a few hours , then we went to a doggie beach off of lake Erie just steps from our marina, it was wonderful. There wasn't very many people and their pups there. Its like a regular beach but for dogs and their families. I was very surprised to the size of the beach, its huge, and very clean. Pups have to be on a leash, every one had them either on long ropes or retractable leashes so they can have space to run and swim. It was Misty's first time, she was a little scared at first but once she got in the water and realized how much fun it is to play with us and fetch things she did great and we all had a wonderful time, a definite return! We will take a camera with us next time thats for sure. Hope everyone is stayin cool ! till next time, have a great day !

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AnnCrago said...

...Sounds wonderful...way to go girls...
Glad you and Ken are having such a great time together....Almost anniversary time already !!! Keep well and cool !!!
Luv Ya :))