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Sunday, July 18, 2010


I just love horses! I had one as a child, the pic is posts ago ! My sister and her daughter have horses. We all love them. They are great companions and have such beauty ! Here are some pics  that I like !
                                                They are all beautiful !

            Down here we have the Amish that travel by horse and buggy and still plow their fields with them. I think its a wonderful sight to see . I love the fact that the Amish still live by their traditional ways and haven't let the modern age change who they are and how they live !


AnnCrago said...

...Love all animals..just as you do...but somehow horses are very extra special !!!
Hug your fur-babes for me...We go to get Ruedy on Sat. around noon...meeting them in Barrie....Bob couldn't get the time off work ...so our always-there-for-us Mandy is going with me...I'm so excited about bringing little Ruedy home...I got so used to saying "the dogs" ...We miss Kricket so very much...we just had to find another little doggy to give a home to...Teddy is a sweetheart too.
Take care...and enjoy your summer !!!

AnnCrago said...

Well Little Ruedy is home with us...all is going very well...he is sitting in my lap right now listening to the sounds...he comes from cottage country so I wonder if he is thinking of home as he listens...will send pics soon....
hope all is well after the storms !!!

Talk soon...Luv Ya...