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Monday, July 26, 2010


James is cutting up the wood and stacking it for our winter supply for the fireplace! We had a busy day of all kinds of chores !

                                                 workin hard !                                                            
                                                              Hubby & James

                                                                          Misty resting!

                                                   MMMMM! wonderful smell !

                                                     Hubby and  his dad!

                                                   Me! in my gardening gear !                 

                                                       James cutting the grass for dad!

                                        Tractor Wars !!! Hubby cutting the grass for his dad!
                                                     New garden plans !                                                                                      We have a hill at the front side of our house, so we have decided to clear it and make a garden . We are still in the process of planning and getting the rest of it done !
                       What a busy day we had, all to do it all over again lol .                        
                                                                                                                                                          I also would like to welcome the new addition to my sisters family! A cute pup named Ruedy!

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AnnCrago said...

...WHOA...Busy Busy country garden...wood working ..lawn mowing..puppy training...gardening....way to go...
and thanks for the welcome to Ruedy..he is a doll !!!