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Monday, June 7, 2010


The weather  here this morning is beautiful. At dawn as the sun rises, all the song birds are so pretty when they sing as it echos through out the forests around us, We have our morning tea on the patio and watch nature dance around as they start their day. The birds , squirrels , chipmunks and bunnies all come out to eat, its wonderful. We have to make sure the feeders and plates are all full other wise they get a bit tiffed lol . It feels like we are at one every day with nature and find ourselves in a trance with the sweet smell of the fresh air and the sounds of  nature surrounding our country cove, from the sounds of horses whinnying, to the donkey up the road giving his two cents worth, to the occasional dog barking in the distance , to the rooters crowing as they greet the day . I cant think of anything in this world better then all this to wake to or live with then natures beauty , sweet fresh scents in the air, songs of birds and the calls of the wild.

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