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Friday, June 4, 2010


        I found a old photo of me and my pony Clyde. I was 13 in this photo. I lived on a farm with chickens, sheep, cattle, ponies, ducks, dogs, cats and the few odd strays that would wander in  Clyde was a Welsh pony. 
          He was a 13 year old gelding that was used as a cart pony,  I had to re-train him for riding and teach him how to turn, as he cross walked as he did when he was pulling a cart! It took time but he caught on well!


Lynn said...

Darling photo of you and your pony Clyde! My husband was also raised on a farm and they had a couple of pony's like yours.. His father also used the pony's to pull a cart too.. I bet you and my hubby all had a bunch of fun with your pony's! I never had one..


AnnCrago said...

....OMG...2 little cuties...where ever did you find the pic ??? Hanky time !!!