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Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is the sign that hubby made for my shed, he did a wonderful job.

                                  He made the entire sign by hand , right from the plaque design to the letters and the  potted flower. Next he will be designing and making a sign for his shed.


Laura said...

Any time I visit your Blog, you leave me without words!! You and your hubby are so talented and your pics are so beautiful that I dream.... I dream....

Once again your hubby did a great job with this sign!!

Eyewitness said...

Wonderful art work.

Best Wihses.

AnnCrago said...

...Glad to see ya didn't blow away in the wind or wash away in the rain !!!!
You guys have beeen busy with your "crafting" and your sign for the shed turned out very nicely Ken !!!
Our garden is up and running with flowers and a new g
Gargoyle water spouter !!! Looks strangely like a Pug with wings...Weird !!!
Have a great Sunday and new week...
Luv Ya xxxxxxx