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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Some times I find it hard to post something every day, I mean, not every day there is something to tell , some days there is just nothing happening or we aren't doing much at all. So this is why I am writing this , cause, well, I have to post something , right?. I enjoy creative writing but these days my brain just doesn't want to get that creative . I mean, I am in my mid 40s and have the fun of the change of life already and my brain just doesn't want to work as well as it used to, I find myself now adays in the midst of a conversation and then pause and say, what was I saying ? ok, now that's bad ! I refuse to call it a Senior moment just yet , so I call it a sometimes moment , sounds better to me , Have you ever caught yourself putting the milk in the cupboard and the peanut butter in the fridge?, come on!, I know you have ! ya just wont admit it right ? Well,! I have got to the stage were I will admit it and tell it as a funny story, I mean if ya cant laugh at yourself then what the heck ! If I am asked a question about something that I have known for ages like the name of things , I am like daaa , I cant for life of me remember, but yet, I have known it for ages! AHAHAH ! age, is it just a number? or a demise of the brain, I often wonder ! My poor hubby is coping with it very well as he never knows what to expect , poor bugger ! We find ourselves joking about it alot . Have you ever seen the commercial were the couple cant straighten up after gardening and they are reaching out for each other for help, well, that's us , and its funny!, the thing is hubby is younger then me, not by alot but still younger and not having to go through the change of life, welllll ! not yet lol, I think I am going through it for the both of us lol . We are jokers and love to laugh, sometimes while grocery shopping , I think others must think we are nuts.The worst part of it all is when the entire family gets together, I tell you it can be quite the comedy show !, we all are either losing our minds and cant think straight or we are mimicking funny situations and neither of us care what others think either, but I tell ya we get alot of laughs from all ! Any who , I hope you enjoyed this little, lets say mindless post as even during this I had a brain malfunction! ok ok!, so I had more then one malfunction! lol. As country folk we have to be a bit nuts, I mean, who else would listen to our crazyness other then the animals and they dont care if you have a sometimes moment !  Have a great day !  Oh! and dont forget to smile !

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AnnCrago said...

...That's so funny but true...I KNOW the teapot doesn't belong in the fridge..but there you go.............What was I saying ????