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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We are proud to say that our pup Misty is doing very well with her training to stay on the property. We had her out side with us for about 6 or 7 hours and not once did she pass the flags. All we have to do is say   FLAG!!  and she walks away from the area. Hubby even put a treat on the other side of the flags and she lay down just before them and barked for him to get it for her, she even does that if her toy goes past the flags .We played with her, did some things around the garden and she did so well. We are using the electronic collar and it works well, we have done all kinds of testing with her and she has passed with flying colors, She is a chaser of rabbits and squirrels and now will only go as far as the flags and either walk back to us or just lay down and watch the critters go about their business. Its so nice to have her with us as we are out in the yard .
                                                    CLICK ON PICS TO MAKE FULL SIZE !

                          We are so proud of you Miggy !

        all photos taken by hubby & country gal !                                                                                     

1 comment:

AnnCrago said...

...HA HA ...What a cutie...If she twirls her tail fast enough..I'm pretty sure she could actually fly around her yard like a helicopter !!!
Have a great weekend...Saturday tomorrow..Ziggy and my lesson day...can't wait !!!