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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Some Of This & That

Things have been coming along well here at Woods Country Cove . In my last post I had mentioned we were having a bit of vehicle problems well things are working better now and we hope we have solved the problem fingers crossed lol !

The weather has been on and off with sunshine mix of cool and warm temps and rainy , the rain we always need but not as much as we have been getting and the dampness down here in our valley has been tuff for those like me and our Miggs  who suffer from arthritis but we do our best to keep on moving 😃

Saturday was Papa's 50th birthday , we had a quiet celebration as he isn't big on these kinds of things for himself  but  we had a cake and had few family members over and had a nice day .

 Our gardens have all been done most are perennials but there are a few odd spaces I like to put annuals and plant a few hanging pots . Papa was busy over the weekend setting up his pond again and garden and got a few more new water plants to add , this pond and garden is still some what in a working progress but it is getting there each year .

 Now that all our gardens are done we are enjoying them and taking easy for the time being , I am sure Papa will have another project in mind soon for us lol .

Miggs is  being Miggs and doing well  now that all her surgeries are over and healed and now she is just enjoying each and every day as it comes , we still love our early morning walks and hanging out in the yard .

                            Oh and napping Miggs love to nap out side on the patio lol .

Our first baby Robing of the season above as he was patiently waiting for his Mama to return with some food but in the mean time he did peck at a few bugs on his own , he is strong and doing well .

We have our little Molly House Wren back again this year in the house on Papas workshop and another House Wren in another house in the back garden I love these little birds , we also have robins Morning doves , Oriels, Catbirds and Yellow Warblers nesting with in our cedar hedges , bushes and trees .

    Mrs Robin is still busy building this nest above in our Forsythia bush by our back door.

Our crab apple tree has been humming with thousands of busy bees as they collect the nectar from its beautiful blooms  .

           And our Lilac bushes all 15 of them are in full bloom and it smells wonderful .

I love this time of year , speaking of this time of year I can believe May will be over in two days WOW where does the time go ?!

             Welcome June  , here's to lots of sunshiny days , watching  and enjoying all the birdies  ,  the gardens grow , the return of butterfly's and bees  and lazy summer days all in the comfort of our Woods Country Cove  In The Valley .

                                                    Until next time

                             Country Gal




R's Rue said...

Beautiful photos.

William Kendall said...

The lilac bushes here seem to have all sprung to life in the last few days.

likeschocolate said...

Your lilacs are beautiful and Happy Birthday to Ken! Have a wonderful week.

Anvilcloud said...

Welcome June, indeed. This has not been the best of Mays. It's chilly and windy here today. Again.

Henny Penny said...

You always have the sweetest posts. I love that sweet Miggs sleeping with her little tongue out. Couldn't you just wake her and hug her. :) A late Happy Birthday to your Ken. He sure builds some pretty things for you. Your yard looks so pretty. and those lilacs are beautiful! I was tickled to see a comment from you on my last post. Thank you.