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Monday, May 20, 2019

A Trying Week & A Little Change To My Photos

Well the beginning of last week started out well . Papa and I were on our way to the city  as I had a eye specialist appointment that I go to once a year to make sure the pressure in my right eye is good  I have cataracts and glaucoma in the family and my right  eye I have a bit of pressure in so they have to keep an eye on it no pun intended lol ! Any who we get half way there and then it all started... our van started to chug then go ok then chug almost like it was saying no I don't want to keep going .Well Papa had to turn around and get us back home drop me off and then take it to his mechanic and well we have had problems ever since and he has had part after part replaced and its still acting up  vehicles these days are just so much more complicated with all the electronics to them so we have been using one of Papa's nice truck drivers from his work lent us his other vehicle until we get our vehicle fixed we hope , really cant afford another one yet . Then Papa's parents were off on a road trip in their truck and trail over state side and were planning on going on this road trip for a month well that's a bust cause the weather where they were going is terrible all over  , tornadoes , flooding , forest fires  , snow in the mountains I do hope the people living there are all ok , we have been keeping in contact with his parents via email and face time through phones and they are ok and on their way back home having their trip cut short by a few weeks , just glad they are safe . Life is to try us at times isn't it ?!

On a happier note Miggs is doing well now and all back to her old silly self . Her incisions healed very well and she had her spa day which she loves and can  rolly polly again now in the grass and just be Miggs .

                      This was the full blue moon from Saturday night I quickly took .

 The weekend weather was amazing warm sunny with cool breezes and we had a chiminea fire every evening as we sat on the patio porch listening to the peepers and the other night creatures .

 I had a nice campfire on Sunday as Papa had lots of extra wood scraps from his wood shop to burn .

 I am thinking of doing a little change to my photos , nothing drastic at all  well mostly how I water mark my photos . Instead of water marking them with Woods Country Cove I have decided to water mark them with my photography water mark that I use for my Facebook and Facebook photography groups  as it is easier then having two types of water  marks one for this blog and then my other one so if you see this © Lillian Wood on my photos here this is my middle name I use lol !

I hope all my fellow Canadians have enjoyed this Victoria Long weekend and others from across the pond had a good weekend as well .

I will be in and out of blog land as this time of year keeps me outside more often with gardens and just enjoying the weather sights and sounds of our valley and yard .

                                                     So until next time .

                            Country Gal



The Furry Gnome said...

It's a busy time in the garden here too. But terrible weather for the weekend here. Sorry about your vehicle troubles.

William Kendall said...

Hopefully the car issues get sorted quickly.

R's Rue said...

Praying. ❤️

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Finally catching up with my website, though I don't know how regular I'll be with posting. It is finally a lovely day, which I've spent outside. Hope you had a great weekend.

Linda said...

Hey elaine...
Finally got the cottage up and running...
I have been having a few health issues, so the kids helped my boyfriend with some work down there...
We also have a new Grandson...Miss V is big sister!!!
Hope this weather gets better...

Linda :o)