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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Some Winter Blah To Winter Awe

It is the time of year where some of us are looking for the sun and mild temps with in these gloomy dreary winter days . We had very mild temps yesterday and lots of rain  , then over night it all froze and we had some snow fall . This morning it was all frozen to everything . When I look out the window at the continuing white it doesn't seem very appealing but when I am able to get out there and take a closer look WOW ! winter looks soo pretty and I can find some color and textures under the blanket of ice and snow  I just have to really look for it .

                             I love how some colours just pop out from under the snow .

                               How the snow gently sits on the tiniest seeds of grasses .

                              The little drops of rain frozen half way down the grass seed.

 I love the smell of cedar with a fresh blanket of snow , its like the cold brings out the smell more .

              Contrast and textures lines with icy snow make for very interesting photos .

  The good thing is there is lots of magical sights under the blanket of snow and once I find them I am in awe of it all over again .
                           I also am in awe of this pretty little bud of my Lilac bush .

                                  Possibly a sign of  an early spring in the air already ?!

                    Oh yes and I cant forget the most awe of all here  who we all love

                                                                    Miggs .

Blogger template is acting up for me today so this post may not look right , I used to use another template from another source called Open Live Writer to make my posts but that also is not working for me properly now , oh well  I also put some of my photos on  my Facebook page and that is working lol .

                                                                Until next time .
                                         Country Gal


Leah said...

Those are great pictures (looking for the interesting things in the snow!) But Miggs is the best!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Snow seems to improve everything around including people and your shots show that and of course you know I love Miggs

Henny Penny said...

This post is perfect!! I love every picture and how you wrote about the snow. It was beautiful. Then, to end with that picture of Miggs! How adorable! Is there a cuter dog in this world? I don't think so. Will you hug her for me?

Anvilcloud said...

Good choice for winter photos. I like the fourth one for it'e delicacy and smooth background.

Linda said...

Hi Elaine....
Great shots...at least you are getting outside for pics!
I shoot from inside here at home...
Visited the cottage today...HOLY MOLY.... insane down there!
Leaving for Florida on Wednesday...hoping for some warmer temps!
Have a great weekend!
Linda :o)

William Kendall said...

These are very pretty!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The snow on the red berries and on the tree limbs was beautiful, Elaine. Most of the snow we received last weekend is gone now, except for the large piles in parking lot areas.