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Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Mix Of This & That

Hello .

It has been fairly quiet here the past week or two , not much going on . January is rolling along quite nicely so far. In just a little over 4 weeks time Papa’s  work in February will shut down for their mid winter break for a week  . 

As for our weather , well that's been  a wacky  one this winter so far  . Miggs and I have been able to enjoy out side a bit more this winter than past winters as we have had very little snow , just a dusting of the stuff here and there . Today it is windy sunny but cold and what little snow we do have is blowing about  for now .

The other day before we got any snow  we had fog and lots of rain and the temps were very warm . I love a fog over the fields  and our valley .

JANUARY 2019-084358

This field above is beside our house and the road Miggs and I take on our walks is to the far left of the photo.

JANUARY 2019-7156

       This is  about the amount of snow we have been getting on and off after the rainy days . It is nice to see the sun shine pop out from behind the winter clouds , but the clearer it is the colder it is but sunshine is always welcomed to shine on our yard , house and valley Smile

JANUARY 2019-7158

JANUARY 2019-7160

The  bird feeders have been the busiest here  and I have been able to get a few pics from both inside and out . JANUARY 2019-7164JANUARY 2019-7183

But there was one visitor that the birdies don't like to see about the feeders  as he  swooped in and all the birds took off in a panic scattering everywhere.

JANUARY 2019-7197 A Broad Winged Hawk  sometimes mistaken as a Coopers Hawk . I think he is beautiful and I love being able to capture photos of  these pray birds every now and then as it is rare to have them so close to the house but I guess he is hungry and looking for a fast easier meal .  He sat there for some time searching the area waiting to see if any of the  birdies were brave enough to come to the feeders whilst he was there .

JANUARY 2019-7201

He just would not turn around and face me but he kept an eye on me with my camera over his shoulder . I find it fascinating to see these beautiful yet powerful creatures  and get photos of them  . The entire yard was quiet . Then he took off in a graceful flight up and over the cedar hedge towards the valley forest  with no meal in his talon's this time  . I could almost hear the sigh of relief  FEW! from the birds as they all ventured back out to the feeders .

                                          After The Hawk took off Miggs was outside patrolling the yard .

JANUARY 2019-7170

                                                                                         And eating snow lol .

                                                    Well that's  about it for us here .  Until next time .

                                                                                       Country Gal


William Kendall said...

The sky in that third shot is quite dramatic.

Linda said...

Hey Elaine...
So cool that you got that Hawk pic!
Kooky weather here...no snow...blah!
Love the bird feeder on the bungee cord! Maybe that would keep this pesky squirrels off!😂
Cottage drive tomorrow....hope to see some Horses!
Have a great weekend...still not sure why you’re not on Instagram! All our friends are there!
Linda :o)

Henny Penny said...

January is moving along pretty fast. You always have the best pictures. That hawk at the feeder is pretty amazing. I saw a hawk fly through the yard one day and catch a pretty red cardinal. It broke my heart but there was nothing I could do. Miggs is cute standing there eating snow. :)

The Furry Gnome said...

Hi Miggs! Have a great winter!

The Wykeham Observer said...

Very nice photos. Here in western MN it has been in the 20's, with about a foot of snow so far. I always enjoy your pictures of Miggs and the birds too. We have the red-bellied woodpeckers here and of course bluejays and chickadees. Have a nice January! Phil/MN

Leah said...

You don't have much snow there compared to good ol' Minnesota and a "hello" to Miggs - it has been awhile since I have commented but I have checked in occasionally. Have a great day!