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Friday, July 6, 2018

Some Of This & Some Of That

Hello . I cant believe it has been a week since I have posted last , usually I post something with in the week lol !  Hope all our American bloggers had a nice  4th of July  .

This can be a busy time of year for lots of people  and it was kind of busy for Papa and I as he had the week off of work for a small summer staycation as they call it when you don't go away on a vacation lol ! We are home dweller's and love our gardens and wildlife which is what we would of done like camping or something like that  had we not lived in the country in a valley any ways lol !

This weeks weather was very hot and humid so we didn't get into a lot of yard work but did putter about some . The weather as of today has cooled right off and it is lovely now , the cool breezes and fresh air with lots of clear sky's and sunshine today was just perfect for getting down and dirty in my gardens weeding  so that's what I did .

                                  I found a few fungi that caught my eye in the grass earlier this week .

JULY 2018 (20 of 21)                                                                                       I love photographing fungi !

JULY 2018 (17 of 21)Last weekend was our Canada Day long weekend and every year on Canada day weekend  we have three Harvard aircraft fly over as a salute to our country . They station at our St Thomas small aircraft airport that's only about a 35 minuet drive from us and we get lots of hobby type aircraft fly over all through the summer but these ones are my favorite . They are flown by a few retired fellows who also run the St Thomas  Harvard aircraft club and they also perform in the St Thomas air show every summer and other airshows around  our Ontario   .

JULY 2018 (12 of 21)

The sky's were hazy with humid air when I took photos of the Harvard's  flying over our house and valley .

Our Mrs Molly Wren has moved in her old house again this year , we were kind of getting worried for a bit there as we hadn't seen her about in the beginning of the season which was odd but happily she has been busy  stuffing nesting material in it and sitting up on it singing and trilling her little heart out .

JULY 2018 (9 of 21)

JULY 2018 (10 of 21)

                                      It is soo nice to have her back again , I could watch her come and go for hours . . Papa and I will be building another  Dutch style barn bird house like this one in the pic above in his  work shop over the weekend and will be painting it the same colours as our house,  grey and white , we have two others he built about the yard, one is red and white and the other is green and yellow .

Miggs has been puttering about to with the heat this past week and she has a sore elbow now to as her elbow  had  been so dry and she has been licking it like mad and made it bleed , so Papa and I have rigged up a few ideas to help protect her elbow from getting dirt in it and from her liking it making it worse for a while and our vet gave us some antibiotic's for 2 weeks to help whilst it heals and she has to wear the cone of shame every now and then if she is to be unsupervised as well . I am really amazed at how good she is with the cone , she really doesn't mind wearing it and puts her head in it all by herself for us instead of us struggling to put it on her . Such a good girl, bless her Red heart and little cotton socks .

JULY 2018 (6 of 21)

I saw a few Bald Eagles soaring over head but they were wayy up there and tried to do my best to get a pic or two of them but they were just out of my lens reach . JULY 2018 (3 of 21)We often get these beautiful prey birds flying over our valley and some even nest in the valley along our river .

JULY 2018 (4 of 21)

This weekend weather is going to be cool and sunny and Papa , Miggs and I are just going to take it all in sit back and enjoy as much as possible , we may take a trip to our water gardens place and get some thing else for our little pond garden . I am in the midst of designing and making a pond garden sign and Papa has printed some stencils of pond things for me to transfer to the sign  then paint them after  so that will be fun , I love siting outside on a nice summer day  painting , be it painting fences, signs or what ever needs to be freshened up  ,   which we both repainted  and freshened up our porch polls  and back garden picket fencing  during the week  

                        Well that's about it for me for now .    Until next time ,  Have a good weekend !

                                           Country Gal


Anvilcloud said...

Nice day today, and hopefully we won't have to endure another prolonged heat wave like that.

William Kendall said...

We had that high heat for several days- they said on Canada Day here the humidex reached 47C. I've never seen it like that. Fortunately now it's cooled off, at least for the moment.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Staying home instead of fighting traffic and crowds is a great idea when you can enjoy your lovely yard and gardens, Elaine. Enjoyed seeing the fungi photos and hope Miggs elbow will be better soon.

Buttons Thoughts said...

It is so hot and dry. Poor Miggs with that fur coat :)
Your photos always make me smile. Love the fungi shots. Have fun painting.