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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our Surprise Party Was A Hit

Papa myself and his sister Tanya have been planning a big Surprise 50th wedding Anniversary party for their parents for three weeks . There was a lot of preparation for this pardo and lots of hush hush going on to , even my niece and nephew were in on it  who were down for the week at mom and dads visiting  Nanny and Gramps   . See Papa's sister Tanya lives 2 hours away as do lots of our family and friends  so there was a lot of texting and phone calls going on between Tanya , Papa and myself  as the planning was on the way .  Papa took Friday off so we could set up a tent and start in on the decorations  . We sent out invitations via email to family and friends weeks ago to this party  , It was for a  Surprise 50th Anniversary  BBQ potluck and all were more then pleased to bring something and food we had ... soo much of it . People brought their own booze and chairs as well . Papa and I got a slab of cake made up from our favorite bakery in town . Tanya arrived here Friday evening after work with all kinds of props and fun things for the party and stayed  here so we could have the evening and then Saturday morning to get it all done by 1pm when the guests arrived , then by 2pm when mom and dad were called over for well ..  just to chat and see something .  Well this party was a huge hit and the best thing was his mom and dad had no clue even though they just live down the road from us lol ! which is funny cause dad saw the tent on Friday just after we set it up and we said it was for a friends b day   FEW !!  got away with that one lol !

                                                                   Friday set up !!

                  Saturday morning , transformation from plain tent to all decked out ! Our neighbors Mr & Mrs H were so helpful to and brought over an extra BBQ , chairs just incase a  plug in fridge type cooler  and Mrs H made up bouquets of flowers from their gardens  in vases for us to .

     This is just the out side of the tent  ,  we  Papa , myself, Tanya and yes even my niece and nephew   decorated the inside as well as our patio porch mostly  Saturday morning  .

Table to the left . A basket for cards and or donation  ,  on easel , made by Papa and Tanya with a lovely letter to their mom and dad on it  a photo frame with a photo  that got put in it that Papa took of every one together at this party with mom and dad in the front  , hanging on tent a sign of all things 1967 that was popular and in  , on table below a news paper of  the day in 1967 and to the right of that a plaque from our Mayor, Papa and I got . Oh and we also were playing all the music from 1967 to .

         Here we go  everyone to  the side of the yard  out of sight waiting for them to arrive  the cars were parked hidden next door at Mr & Mrs H's house  , you cant see the driveway as it is hidden by our cedar hedges  hehe !! . Papa told a little white lie  he said he needed them to see something lol !

                                 So they got here walked to the back of they yard and                                                                 
                                                        SURPRISE !!!!We all yelled !!

                                                         Happy 50th Anniversary !!!!!!

             I think it worked don't you ?!  High five's all round my niece  yells !

It was a perfect day , with good people , good food lots of laughs and fun and the weather was  amazing  for us all to and yes some dogs  where amongst all this , Miggs and 2 more dogs  , Jade mom and dads dog and Tucker Mr & Mrs H's pup  lol ! We also invited a few other close neighbors who are good  friends of all ours  as well .

  We also had a photo booth set up with silly props and a frame in the shed as all enjoyed it and joined in the wacky fun lol ! We all signed the black bristol  board there on the table to the left above with gold marker  before we brought the food  out .

 Some ate inside the tent and some ate out side the tent but we all came in here for the cards they opened and speeches that were made and more laughs  .

                     Then it was time for cake and  the mimosas , champagne and orange juice YUM !  !


                                                        POP !! goes the cork !!!! HURRAY !!

                            Handing out the mimosa's  and then the sit down gathering toast .

 CHEERS !!! to  50 years of togetherness  and to all who made this wonderful day possible for them  they said with family and friends . The party went into the evening just after dark .

                      Then the end of a great day as all went home  happy, full of food ,  laughter and lots of memories  . We are sending pics via email to every one and are making up an album for mom and dad of the day .  Papa and I took hundreds of photos that day  .

FEW !!! we were beat by the end of it all  but it was a successful party and day  and we even got offers to do other parties lol ! really guys we just winged it mostly lol !

Anywho all in all it was an amazing day and mom and dad are still talking about how much fun they had and how surprised they were , totally taken by it all !

Now all is said and done we are all cleaned up , took a few days though  and now are back to the old routine .
                                                  WOW ! August already ?! 

                                                             Until next time .

                               Country Gal



Deb said...

Aw...such fun, Elaine. They really did look surprised. Wonderful memories for all. :)

lindaakacraftygardener said...

What a wonderful celebration.

The Furry Gnome said...

Wow! That looks like a fabulous party! Good work!

William Kendall said...

It sounds like you had fun!

Rosella said...

Well done. Looks like a great success!

Amy at love made my home said...

How wonderful! So glad it was so fabulous!!

Anvilcloud said...

What an amazing job you guys did to make this Unforgettable for the folks.

Henny Penny said...

It all looks just perfect!! Not many surprise parties turn out right like yours did. Everything is decorated so pretty too. I bet Miggs had a blast playing with the other dogs. I love the new picture of you and Miggs. It is so cute!!

Wenni Donna said...

Wow, it is just great that your surprise party was a big hit. I am really very impressed with these party arrangements. The marquee and d├ęcor was superb. I loved all these tiny details. Our grandmother’s birthday is coming and I would also be hosting a grand party for her at the outdoor Chicago event venues.