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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Bit Of This & That

 Well I am in disbelief that we are at the end of August already , where the heck did summer go ?! We are still in need of rain here and because of the lack of rain some of  our plants and flowers in the gardens have already finished or are on their way out .

                                                 Whilst others are hanging on .

 Last night was the first quarter moon and it was soo pretty in the sky . I was able to get a shot or two before some  clouds came rolling in .

All our Oriels have left now and pretty much most of our summer birds to, all  the Swallows , Eastern King birds , Chipping Sparrows , Warblers  but our hummers will remain here till the end of September and maybe in to October if it doesn't get to cold by then , they can survive in temps as low as freezing but for now they play and indulge at the feeders and delight me every day with their acrobats .

 I have been able to capture them and stop the speed of their wings in some photos in the past I took  but that is just by luck  , GEESH !  these little birds are fast !

 Miggs has been laying about more other then our walks every day , she has been kept from chasing critters as she is recovering from Bone Spurs in her left front outer toe what we would call her baby toe . Bone spurs, or osteophytes, form when extra bone forms on top of normal bone to repair an injury or with age. In dogs they occur most often in the joints of the legs, including the feet. Bone spurs can symptomatic of generalized osteoarthritis  and older dogs are likely to develop bone spurs because the cartilage that lines their joints is thinning with age and if your dog is  athletic like Miggs was always running , jumping and  playing hard  .   . So she is on meds for pain and antibiotics  so she is well like you see here a bit couch or patio swing bound  for the most part , we take her for walks regularly  and walk about the yard to keep her muscles healthy as the rest of her to but the running and hard playing is over , we are hoping the meds work for if they don't  worst case scenario she will have to have her toe amputated and that is the last thing we and our vet want for her  .

So more walks , less treats as she cant be as active to keep our best friend and fur baby healthy  and not to put any more weight on  as that will to be stressful for her joints , she is happy and that she is still, a very happy girl  despite her  change in her routine with lots more cuddles and kisses and rubdowns for her aching limbs . She is doing very well in not chasing ,  all we have to say to her is no leave it , never mind  , so far so good for a week now on that just hoping the meds do their job and help her as well .

     This weekend is our Labor day long weekend  and Papa took Friday off of work  to make it an extra long weekend for us and then come Tuesday  the school bus's  will be passing the house again as school starts for the kids here .

                      So on that note have a good weekend to you all . Until next time .

                   Country Gal



The Furry Gnome said...

That's right! Where did summer go?

Deb said...

Your bird photos are so beautiful. I said good-bye to mama wren and now all I see here are blue-jays, a few sparrows, my charming chickadees and the mourning doves.They will be here all winter, I expect. Sorry to hear about Miggs. It's hard on a dog to have to stay quiet for any length of time. I remember when our Kane pulled a ligiment and couldn't play ball for two months. Saddest dog ever. He thought we had just forgotten to play. :( So, good thoughts go out for Miggs. xo

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that all will be well for Miggs and that she can get back to playing hard! I can't believe it is the end of August either, how did that happen!!

Anvilcloud said...

Ah yes, bone spurs. Maybe Miggs needs orthotics too. :)

Henny Penny said...

Oh that sweet Miggs. Wish I could give her a hug. She is just adorable stretched out there on the swing. (I've been thinking Miggs was a boy). That is a great picture of the hummingbird. I try, but never get a good picture of one. We still have them here but they have to constantly fight the yellow jackets to get to the feeder. Keeps Poppy busy swatting the yellow jackets with a fly swatter. Hope Miggs gets well soon.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We thought our orioles had gone and then a day or so ago we spotted one, not at the feeder but flying through and perching in a tree. Yep, summer holidays for the kids finishes this week, gone fast. But still 21 days of summer season left. I love these ooker mornings and days with no humidity. Enjoy your long weekend.

Julie @Dragonflygems said...

The year is certainly going by quickly. Lovely moon photo, I'm always taking photos of the moon. Great photos of the humming bird... and awww doesn't Miggs look comfy on the swing bed, hope her meds work for her.

William Kendall said...

Terrific shots! It does feel like summer's ending.