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Friday, August 4, 2017

A Bit Of This & That

Hello !

We finally got some rain today after weeks of nothing in our neck of the woods and the clouds are rumbling away as I type this to , I can hear my gardens and the grass singing the praises .

Well, we are all back to normal after the big Anniversary party for Papa's mom and dad .  It is a long weekend for us  this weekend as it is our Civic Holiday on Monday  , Papa took today Fri off  as well as  the Civic holiday so an extra long weekend for him   WOOHOO !.

Today Miggs went to the groomer got all cleaned up and shaved as it is now August  , I know eh ! goes by soo fast  and it is the hottest month for us to so she will be cooler  and we did some errands in town .

Over the past week I have been taking it slow and easy as it has been very humid and hot out and I like to putter about anyways .

This is not an uncommon sight for us here in our  country valley village to see as we have plenty of Old Order Mennonites and Amish communities about the area .

 Horse's and buggy ,  A team of  the Haflinger breed . I love this breed , so calm and gentle this breed is .  This was at the corner , steps away from our house on the other side of  field  .   The  gentleman who drove the team here was selling fresh bushels of blueberries from their farm door to door . They often come here and sell fresh produce and baked goods YUMMY !

I being a horse lover I just had to visit with them for a bit and have a nice chat , well ok they snoozed I talked lol !

I didn't stay about them to long as it was a hot  and muggy day and they needed the rest I expect . So I went back to the bottom of our driveway looked up the road  and  then the gentleman came back hopped in his wagon , backed up his team and off they went . I never tire of seeing or taking photos of this that's for sure .

The moon last night was lovely in the sky at about 7 pm .  It was Waxing gibbous Visible: 84% as it approaches August 7th  the Waxing gibbous will be more visible  till it then will be a full moon visible at 100% on Monday August 7th  , hope it isn't cloudy !

The past few mornings as I get my milk for my tea , our cat Harley has been  suddenly quite interested in whats in the fridge , don't know why  but it is cute  ..

           She really is an unusual one I must say . Most days she just keeps to her self and acts as if we don't exist , except at dinner time lol  , very antisocial she can be but then there are days like this , gota laugh that's for sure . Goofy old cat ,

We are still working on the picket fence garden here and there but it is coming along . we still need to put in more top soil  and Papa wants to put a little water fall and pond in it next year . We have lots of shale he wants to build  the water fall  out of  and hasn't decided what type of little pond yet . He got a flood light on a timer  for it  like we have about the rest of our gardens and he moved it from where it is in this pic to near the top of the center pole aiming down on the garden as the light shines down and out on the garden , it  looks nice at night to , so still a bit of  work in progress  for now .

I have been seeing more and more butterfly's now that the milk weeds are all out in full force and they are preparing to migrate already . This is my favorite butterfly , The Black Swallow tail .

Well that's about it for me for now , I had been catching up on reading blogs today as we finally got rain and gives me a chance to do some inside things to . Looks like a good long weekend for us  sunny and a bit of a cool down  and time to putter some more for Papa and I . We just may take Miggs to the dog beach that's just a 6 min drive from us in Port Burwell off the shores of lake Erie , Very clean and fun beaches they have for dogs to .

                                                       Until next time , Have a good weekend .
                                            Country Gal



NanaNor's said...

Hello. What a wonderful party you had for your parents! Love the Amish horse and buggy. Enjoy your weekend.

The Furry Gnome said...

Unusual to see a team of those Halfingers pulling a buggy! Have a good long weekend!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Gorgeous moon shot!!

Anvilcloud said...

Despite living not that far away for three decades, I nevr realized there were Amish down your way.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Overnights ght Thursday we has terrific hunder storms and heavy rain. Yesterday we were inder tornado watch, dark clouds, some rumbling but not much else. Today is is lovely, no humidity, and a lovely breeze to dry the laundry. I'm sure Miggs feels cooler after the groomer visit. Enjoy your long weekend.

Amy at love made my home said...

Harley is funny isn't she, perhaps she is trying to get more photo time on your blog!! Hope you have had a great weekend!

William Kendall said...

Harley is such a cutie pie!