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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Change Of Season Is Tapping On Our Door Already

Things are beginning to quiet down around here now that all the birds have had their babies for the season  and some are starting to leave on their long migration journey through our valley and over lake Erie  . Most of our Oriels have left , just the odd straggler here and there  and the Swallows have all taken off to , the hummers wont be leaving till later roughly  about mid to end of September which is just around the corner , my gosh where do the months go and how fast . The Starlings and other black birds are flocking in droves now to as the Turkey Vultures take the sky's in a kettle soaring over the valley searching for their last meals before they take off  . The term kettle refers to Vultures  in flight  and the Canadian  Geese are taking flight more and more now testing their young to be good navigators or followers lol ! 

The orange and yellow colours of fall are already in bloom and some of the leaves on the trees are starting to change  , Goldenrod is gleaming in the fields and ditches and my Marigolds are vibrant and full , Mums are now being sold every where  . Critters are gathering and storing for the coming seasons and the mornings , evenings and nights have been cooling off already.

 This is Alvin and he has been busy stuffing his cheeks and running back and forth to his hidy hole storing it all . 

 I still see the odd Dragonfly about but as the temps are getting cooler they seem to be disappearing . The crickets have been chirping like mad all night . Love listening to them in the late evenings and through the night .

 For the past week we have been serenaded but our first Carolina Wren singing her head off and we have been having great conversations . 

She was foraging for bugs and now has moved farther south of us on the migration path which goes over our lake Erie as I hear her in the distance now . I do so love having new birds drop by . 

 So as the air begins to change already so does the nature as summer birds leave , some bugs begin to disappear and the summer colours begin to fade and  the cooler weather bugs birds and colours take over  , the smell of  campfires and wood stoves are already filling the air in the chillness of the nights and mornings .

    Even though summer is still technically here mother natures Fall is beginning to tap on our door  already  .

                                                          Until next time . 
                                     Country Gal


The Furry Gnome said...

Yes it felt like fall here this evening.

Amy at love made my home said...

Wonderful photo of Alvin!

William Kendall said...

I've seen the first fall colours changing here.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

It was a cool start to the day at 8 Celsius, had to get a long sleeved shirt out!! We noticed the odd tree with leaves changing the other day, but not many dry ones down this year. Sometimes in August the back lawn is covered in brown leaves from the poplar trees. I'm glad to have all the windows open during the day and get rid of the heat that builds up in the house. Have a great weekend.