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Monday, May 22, 2017

The End Of Our Long Weekend

Well that's the end of our Canadian Victoria Day long weekend already . It is the official weekend for gardeners to get planting  and get the gardens all done  here . I am pleased to say I had mine done a few days ago , this time I am ahead of the gardening game WOOHOO ! 
It was a nice quiet long weekend for Papa and I as we just puttered about , cleaned  tidied  and rearranged our sheds and got rid of a lot of stuff  that we had been hanging on for years and not used at all so now there is more room in the sheds to move about and keep things stored neatly for a change lol ! The weather was a mix of sun cloud rain and chilly winds a lot cooler then we are used to for this time of year but nice to work in and have a nice fire going for the evenings to cozy up by either inside or out .  I worked on my little bird house a bit in-between my puttering and finally got my fence edging around our big old tree with the bird house pickets painted .

 They really pop out from the rest of the fence now . I am glad how well they turned out .
Papa is starting on a new garden over in the corner up to the right of the photo but it wont be finished till fall . He has designed it as a corner white  picket fence garden curved on either side and cascading from large to smaller pickets to  a front lower garden and he is calling it the family garden were we will be planting each of our family members  past and present favorite plant /flower   , he has the pickets all cut and ready and the post spike holder's in place in the ground , I will be painting the pickets white  over the next week or two .
This coming weekend Papa is doing our lower patio roof stripping off the old shingles and replacing the back paper and shingles . My nephew  Colin and wife will be coming down as  Colin is a roofer and has had his own roofing  business  for 15 years . Colin said it will take only an hour or two so we will be making it a BBQ day and a visit after they guys have done the roof .
  I am still having problems with Open Live Writer as I use it for my posts then it posts directly to my blog as it is linked in and it has more features which I like  , I have been racking my brain trying to figure out all that could be wrong but haven't found anything yet and read all there is to read about it in forums so , I am trying different methods of a work around to all of it lol !
Well that's it for me for now , hope all my fellow Canadian's had a good long weekend and that all others across the pond had a good weekend as well .
                                                                      Until next time .
                                                                          Country Gal


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Your birdhouse picket fence is lovely and painting the birdhouses makes them reall stand out. The new garden sounds like it will be lovely. Weather was changeable all weekend, but being retired means we can enjoy the nice weather for a couple of days before rain moves in n again on Thursday. It's grass cutting and trimming today. Sure hope your Live Writer issues get sorted out. Have you tried Instagram? I've been waiting sing it a few weeks and its a great way yo share photos with a small blurb and connect with blog friends.

Joyful Hope said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I also had a wonderful long weekend! I was one of those who headed to the greenhouses (3 in fact) and stocked up on annuals for my pots and hanging baskets. Also spent a considerable amount of time in the garden. Love your big old tree!!!

William Kendall said...

A pretty set of birdhouses!

The Furry Gnome said...

That's a big tree you have. Up here we wait til June 1st for planting, to avoid late frost.

Pamela Gordon said...

The garden edging with the birdhouses is really sweet looking. I like the different colours. That tree is really huge!! Do you know how old it is? Have a great week.

Anvilcloud said...

Gotta luv that birdhouse-picket fence.