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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Rainy Start To The Month


It is wonderful that it is May already but my goodness it feels more like fall here for the start of the month . Chilly rainy , windy, come on sunshine please we need you to , we are  feeling a bit soggy and water logged here , never mind building bird houses in Papa’s shop at this rate we will be building an ark !


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But everything is lush and green with all the rain and I imaging the poor birds and critters must be fed up with being wet and soggy all the time though .  I have been live trapping and Papa has been relocating all the bunnies we have about here as there is way to many and I don't want them to over run our yard or I will have no gardens left  and Miggs would be  so tired and sore every day from chasing them . 

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  With the chilly wet weather we are having  we now have no furnace .. well we do it just crapped out on us a few days ago , it was an old clunker and this model isn't being made any more and parts for it are hard to get to , so we are looking into getting a new 2 stage energy efficient furnace and one we can add central air to later on   , so we are weighing in our options as to the decision  as to which one  is right for us and besides we really don't need it till the fall anyways and that will help us save a bit more $$ for it all  , so as it is chilly now we are happy to use our wood stove  if we need it , thank goodness for the wood stove though and that we have lots of wood in the dry lot wood sheds in the back  as well  FEW !!  .

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Guess who is back now … Yes our Baltimore Oriel  ,Tang I named him that years ago as he is the brightest orange colour of them all here and a cheeky bugger to  , he likes to play hide and go seek with me when I have my camera and wont sit still  .

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I think with this chilly start to May , Tang might be thinking why he came back as I am sure the other birds are to now  lol ! Now I am looking out for the hummers , if they are smart they will return closer to June lol !

Well that's about it for me for now  got to go stoke the fire and pray for sunshine and warmer temps from now on  .

                                                                           Until next time

                                                                             Country Gal

                                          P.S  guess who I just saw after I did this post  our hummer at the feeder WOOHOO !!!!!


William Kendall said...

Better for the furnace to give out now, while you've got a few months until you need a new one, so you can sort it out at your leisure.

We've had the rain too- we could use a few days with no rain.

The Furry Gnome said...

We could really use some DRY and WARM weather here!

Anvilcloud said...

Sorry about the furnace -- not fun to replace one of those.

I saw a chart showing that the Ottawa River is at its 4th highest since 1950 when they started tracking it.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

At least the furnace waited till after the winter season. Your wood stove will keep you nice and cozy. It was great to have a nice day today in between deluges of rain. I was thinking of planting some peas but don't want them washed away in the next downpour. Stay dry.

Rosella said...

Sorry to hear about your furnace. Thank goodness for that wood stove - it looks so cozy. I must look for our Oriole over here too. He usually arrives as soon as the blossoms open which will be any day now (unless they drown with all this rain). Stay warm ...