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Friday, May 5, 2017

Sunny Photos



  To cheer you all up  for those who like us here have been under rain for days and are tired of being soggy , chilly and damp I share with you sunnier times   . Taken  on Wednesday .

MAY 2017 (28 of 71)

                                      Mr & Mrs Morning Dove . These two are together all the time  , they are soo cute  .

MAY 2017 (31 of 71)

                         A skilled  Acrobat  as he feasts upside down on the crab apple berries and find the odd tasty bugs .

MAY 2017 (32 of 71)

 MAY 2017 (34 of 71)

                                                                             I love yellow flowers .

MAY 2017 (23 of 71)

                            Miggs soaking up the only day of sun we had Wednesday and smelling  the Dandelion's to lol !

MAY 2017 (35 of 71)

MAY 2017 (38 of 71)

                                                            Mr Carpenter bee getting his pollen count lol !

MAY 2017 (50 of 71)

                                 Mr bee discovered the Bleeding hearts got a taste and stayed on them for hours lol !

MAY 2017 (48 of 71)


MAY 2017 (66 of 71)

                                                           I am preening and watching you over my caped wing  lady lol !

MAY 2017 (67 of 71)

                      Mrs Robin just finished chasing a Grackle away from her nest and then was watching me  .

MAY 2017 (53 of 71)

                                                                         Strike a pose Miggs  , good girl !

MAY 2017 (60 of 71)

      Mr Song Sparrow has been serenading us for weeks now in the cedar hedges by the house  , I love his song !

MAY 2017 (62 of 71)

                          Turkey Vultures have been filling the sky's lately as they soar about scavenging .

MAY 2017 (71 of 71)

As have the Hawks over the fields  , this red-tailed Hawk had his eye on something as he stuck to the same spot for some time .

MAY 2017 (70 of 71)

                                  OOPS  !! got to close to the nest as a Grackle attacks the Turkey Vulture .

Well that's about it for now  , maybe if and when the rains calm down I might be able to get out and take rain drop photos  but one never knows  eh?!  Hoping for some sunshine some day starting next week .

                                                                                         Until next time .

                                                                                           Country Gal


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Beautiful pictures and blue skies, something we have not seen in days :)
I always get happy when you post a picture or two of Miggs, she really is a sweet and so photogenic girl !
Thank you for brightening my day.....

Linda said...

We were at the cottage on was glorious!!
DId my very favorite kind of gardening...transplanting volunteer Perennials!!!
Enjoy the soggy weekend!!
Linda :o)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I always love and enjoy your photos, and this series really is just perfect for a dreary day like we're having today!

I also loved your photos of the Mocking Bird. Of course we have them here. They are sassy and bold and protective of their nests, but like you I enjoy hearing their "mocking-repertoire!"

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely sunny photos. I"m beginning to think we will never see the sun again. The rain is relentless. Dreaming of nicer weather.

William Kendall said...

A lot of spring life there!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for sharing these images, Elaine. I enjoyed seeing them after a day long rainfall here in Nashua. NH and the prospect of more rain over the next few days.

The Furry Gnome said...

Ah, sunshine. Will it ever return?