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Thursday, April 6, 2017

From Behind My Windows On These Rainy Days


It is another rainy day here today and will be through Friday as a well . Last night was very windy and rainy to and now lots of tree bits all over the lawn and I will have to get out and collect them later  Camp fire goodies they are lol !

I usually have my ISO set at 200 for day time shots but it  has taken me some time to figure out that when taking rainy cloudy overcast day photos to have my cameras ISO on 800 as that lets more light in  with out over exposing each shot . I use that setting for night shots as well  , so that I have been doing for these photos on this rainy cloudy day  . Photography  is a for ever learning curve that's for sure  and  a lot of trial and error to lol ! as well as self teaching with the odd tutorial to follow and try  but all fun  to do !

APRIL 2017 (2 of 15)


APRIL 2017 (6 of 15)

This little guy always takes cover from the rains under our porch and chirps his heart out with the sound of the rain falling , such a cutie .

APRIL 2017 (4 of 15)

                            It is nice to have Geraniums in bloom inside with all these cloudy  April showers out there !

APRIL 2017 (7 of 15)

The Robins love these rainy days as the rains falling bring the worms to the grounds surface and they can gorge and feast on their favorite food , worms !.

APRIL 2017 (8 of 15)

I like how the  cloudy day light captures some colours of things and how interesting some things can be on a rainy gloomy day with rain drops all over them  !

APRIL 2017 (10 of 15)

  Lots of spring growth here and grass is getting  very green and long now to will have to  get my old tractor Betsy out soon and do some cutting .

APRIL 2017 (9 of 15)

APRIL 2017 (13 of 15)

                                                     Mr Cardinal was helping the Misses collect nesting material .

APRIL 2017 (15 of 15)

And I cant rave enough at how wonderful this green hopper feeder is for my smaller birdies  like  all the Finch breeds , Cardinals , Chickadees,  Sparrows , Nuthatch , Woodpeckers , Grosbeaks  and more and  saves on  seed and really stops the  bullies like black birds  , Jays and Squirrels from being on it . I will say again for the backyard birders who love to feed the birds and keep the bullies off of the feeder , save money on seed  and keeps the seed dry,  this feeder is well worth it !

       So as the saying goes April showers bring May flowers  is well worth all the rain and I cant wait till the flowers , trees and bushes bloom  and the return of our Oriels and hummers  .

PicMonkey Collage

                                                                                   Until next time .

                                                                                Country Gal


Crafty Gardener said...

Love the step count to Papa's workshop. Your spring bulbs are up more than mine, but all this rain should help in taking the frost out of the ground and encouraging growth. I've been taking photos through the windows as well. The birds don't mind the rain at all. Looks like we have another day of rain to go.

William Kendall said...

We're getting the rain too. If only it rained just between midnight and six in the morning!

The Furry Gnome said...

Well, be glad it's not snow!