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Friday, April 7, 2017

April Showers , Oh No Snow Really ?!


Yup that's what all the rains from yesterday and  over night turned into , that dreaded stuff called snow  YIKES ! Well you can bet I had a few choice words to say about all this lol   !

This is pretty much all we got which was just a dusting  and I am thankful  that's all we got . The winds were howling and it was cold  . The birds didn't  seem to mind all though I think the Robins were a bit tiffed as I can imagine the worms squiggled deep down under ground  lol !

APRIL 2017 (5 of 18)

APRIL 2017 (8 of 18)

APRIL 2017 (10 of 18)

The look on  some of the Robins faces was priceless as they had a look of  well they said a few choice words about the snow to lol !

APRIL 2017 (11 of 18)

                                                           This Robin seemed to just go with the flow !

APRIL 2017 (14 of 18)

                                                                        As did all the other birdies !

APRIL 2017 (18 of 18)

But thankfully to the warm ground , the temps warming up and the winds still blowing and warming up  ,   the dusting of snow has melted and all is starting to dry out  , so we are all happy with that .

APRIL 2017 (3 of 18)

                                                                Aren't we Miggs  , HUH  she looks like she is saying lol  !!

April has it’s moments of madness where the weather is concerned that's for sure  and then  after that bit of madness  all is back to green , growth and the  beauty of colour  and all things new for the spring season again  .

                           Oh look I see sunshine  WHOOHOO !  sunshine allover the place put on a happy face Open-mouthed smile

                            This weekend is to be nice sunny and warming up  a lot , 15C  or 60F on Sunday  YEAH !! .

                                                                                         Until next time .  

                                                                                     Country Gal


Linda said...

We had snow overnight here at home! All gone now....sun shining...🌞
We were at the cottage Wednesday overnight....had a nice bonfire and burnt what we had raked!
Heading back down Saturday morning....looking forward to a few blooms!
Have a great day Elaine...
Linda :o)

William Kendall said...

I'm sure the birds hope that's the last of it.

We had light rain early this morning, but it's switched over to snow since before noon.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The snow was settling as we went to bed, but most was gone this morning. Wet snow and rain all morning but nothing that settled. It's windy and temps will drop overnight. Just to the north of us there was lots of snow. The crocus are blooming, and probably shivering.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Snow go away is what I'm thinking too, Elaine, as we have had several days of rain this week which are really helping with getting rid of last weekend's April Fools snowfall.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Miggs is a cutie!

Anvilcloud said...

Yeah, we had much rain on Thursday and some flakes yesterday. The forecast now looks pretty good.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Elaine, I too am so ready for winter bidding us adieu and warm weather staying. We do need some rain, but snow please stay away. You've got beautiful birds in your yard-you are so lucky.