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Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Little Of This & That


Well  the little bit of snow we got yesterday had gone by noon and  the sun came out and warmed everything up and it ended up a nice day after all. Last nights moon in the blue sky was pretty  , the moon was at its Waxing gibbous Visible: 87%, Age: 11 days for us moon enthusiasts . The sun set was cloudy in the west but the moon shone bright in the east .

APRIL 2017 (4 of 4)

                                            Today is sunny and warm 15C or 60F  not a cloud in the bright blue sky at all . 

Early this  morning I made up my mind to go and get my hair cut but couldn't get my regular hair dresser to do it and she is 45 min away so  we popped into town to a First Choice hair cutters which I had never been to before  and I am fussy with how I get my hair cut has to be layered just right  . So I took the plunge , Papa’s look on his  face as he sat and waited , he looked worried as he said she must of cut off 6 inches  of my hair it grew that fast from last years cut and it was long  ergo why I wanted it cut , to much to look after and to me if I am going to have it tied back all the time I might as well get it shorter lol ! easier to look after to for the spring and summer a wash and go thing lol . I don't like posting  pics of myself , I don even  like to be on the lens side of the camera always been behind it lol ! But here goes !

                                             This was  last years cut and  I coloured it like I usually do .


                                                                          And now oh naturell colour  and new cut .


  The back  and sides come to the top of my shoulders close to the darker haired pic  I am just wearing a sweatshirt this time , I am  not ready to  go any shorter don't know if I ever will  .


Looking at these I think I prefer the darker colour again lol ! Maybe  I will just let it be this time  we will see lol  . I said to the hairdresser, oh my look at all the grey in it now  the hairdresser called it Arctic blonde a nicer way of calling it grey she said  and  there is a lot of  grey in it now to  it  looks more golden in the smartphone  pics lol  but the more I am out side in the sunshine as I will be now a days the more  it changes to a golden brown as the sun bleaches it naturally .  So I am happy with the cut and the hairdresser who did it and Papa likes it to so I have found a new hairdresser that does it just  how I like it and is in town only a 20min drive and they are open 7 days a week .  I cant believe she took 6 inches off  I have always had or let my hair grow long before I  had been more of a once a yearer then every few months but I think I will be changing that now .

              So when we got home I went out in the yard did a bit of clean up pulled some weeds that always seem to grow fast  before any flowers do this time of year  and Papa set up the patio table and chairs . I found a nest of baby bunnies in my garden , as much as I didn't want to move or touch them but wouldn’t want Miggs to get them either I lifted them with the  nest and all out of the hole and placed  it  and them in the field right beside our yard where I know the bunnies come from and made a safe home for them in another hole I shallowed out of the ground and hid them in that and the long grasses like mama  bunny did in the garden , it broke my heart to have to do that and I seem to have to do this every spring but then what makes me happy is in a few weeks we get lots of baby bunnies about every time so I know they made it .

  Well that's about it for me the sun is shining the temps are warm and we are puttering about enjoying this wonderful weather we are and will be having from now on .   BBQ burgers and salad for supper tonight .

                                                                                        Until next time .

                                                                                            Country Gal


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I like the shorter cut and the natural colour. I'm all for natural. Years ago when I started going grey the girls wanted me to colour it, said I would think about it, then a few days later told them I would try a colour, and said it would be grey as I was tired of waiting for it all to change. That shut them up and they never mentioned it again. Lovely day, spent lots of time outside.

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

I like both your hairstyles actually, they're both very different. I'm a chicken for getting my hair done and seem to stick to the same one. Nice that you found baby bunnies. I used to have the bunnies at my last place but in nearly 3 years I haven't seen one here. We think it's due to the foxes and coyotes. A larger red fox was in our backyard the other day and we've seen others. We had 10 cm of snow yesterday morning, unfortunately some of it is still there, we only reached 44 today. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anvilcloud said...

I think it looks better shorter and lighter, but that's from little images only.

William Kendall said...

Back before I started shaving my head I would go into First Choice for my haircuts.