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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Taking Advantage


It is still cold but not as cold as it has been and the sun is shining today and that’s when Miggs and I take advantage of the day . We went for our walk and played in the yard for a bit .

                     2014 (1 of 4)

Miggs was telling off a squirrel up in the tree here after she just told off George the Crow who likes to tease her as he fly’s from tree top to tree top looking down at her squawking .

2014 (3 of 4)

The birds are taking turns at the feeders whilst others here take advantage of what has been chucked on the ground .

2014 (4 of 4)

Miggs loves this weather and we try to get out  every day . I am dressed with 3 to 4 layers and Miggs just cant figure that out as it takes me a bit to get it all put on  , she has the one coat and seems to be good in the cold lol !  This weekend is to warm up to +7 and rain , gona be a mucky mess with all the snow melting .  I am the type to not mind this winter weather if it is sunny , sun shine makes it all that much better .. well it does for me lol .

            So if it is sunny where you are take advantage of it and get out there and get some fresh air may it be warm or cold , It does the body good !

                                          Oh yeah this post makes it a 1000 posts for me since May 2010 WOOHOO !

                                             Thanks to all those who pop by , comment and follow, I couldn’t of done it with out you !

                                                                   Until next time .. Have a good day !

                                                                          Country Gal


TexWisGirl said...

happy 1000 and happy sunshine!

Anonymous said...

That is quite the blogging feat ... 1000 posts.
It's nicer here today ... none of that awful wind to keep it frigid. Looks like a mild weekend to hopefully shift some ice.

Margaret Adamson said...

hi CG. Miggs certainly does like the snow and it makes for great photos. Wow! 1000 post. well done. You may not know but from 2 days ago I have not been able to put my photo onto my blog and after I show a few more post that I have in draft, I will not be able to post anymore so I will never reach your 1000.

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, congratulations on your 1000 posts!! Quite a feat there. I am glad that you are able to get outside again, and I am sure that Miggs is too - yes, I admit, I am a little bit in love with Miggs!! Hope that all those coats are keeping you warm, but as you say, so lovely to see the sunshine! xx

Jane and Chris said...

1000 posts! Well done!
I couldn't believe when I saw the's going to be a right mess!
Jane x

Kristin_Texas said...

I always love seeing pictures of Miggs playing in the snow. Your furbaby sure does seem to love it!


Primitive Stars said...

Woo hoo!!!!! Congrats to your 1000 post...always enjoy my visits to your blog, Francine.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

It's nice to get out for some fresh air even if for just awhile. And when the wind dies down, and the cold lessens, layering does the trick.

Happy 1,000th post! That is great!

Faye Henry said...

Congrats on 1000 posts, dear heart.. You are such a faithful lady.. Miggs looks sweet and love the name George the crow.. grin.. xo

DeniseinVA said...

Congratulations, that's great!