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Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Morning Sky


I woke and looked out the window as I do every morning and saw this amazing sky full of pinkie orange purple colours as the sun was rising on the horizon . I ran down stairs grabbed my camera put Papas rubber boots on with my slippers on cause they are easy to just throw on as  they are big on me and went out to get photos of this beautiful sky and all in my jammies and no coat , coat who has the time to put a coat on … time is precious here as the sky changes so fast  . I didn’t even notice the cold breeze till I was done taking photos . That's how involved I get in natures beauty when trying to capture it  and was in AWE !! the entire time .

           As I carefully cross the iced formed ground and the odd patch of frozen grass I found my spot and started snapping !

              2014 (3 of 5)-3  The photos look the same but as each shot was taken the clouds were in a different position and dissipating in spots !

         I am still practicing on perfecting darker photos so they don't have all the noise in them that grainy look .

2014 (3 of 5)-3

      Some times taking this kind of light in a dark spot as the sun hasn’t reached me yet causes a lot of noise in my photos  I have tried all kinds of settings , but oh well I like them any ways . The sun rising always looks so lovey over the valley with the forest still darkened !

2014 (5 of 5)-4

    I stopped taking photos and realized it was cold as I again had no coat on and in my jammies  yeah I am a camera snap happy nut , went inside and watched the rest of the clouds move on as the sun is now in full shine . 

                 The temps are cold 3°C feels like –1 but the air is fresh and seeing the sun makes my day start off wonderfully !

                                                                    Until next time…  May the sun be shining where you are !

                                                                                         Country Gal


Jane and Chris said...

Gorgeous..absolutely gorgeous!
The skies didn't last long here...but they were stunning.
Jane x

Pamela Gordon said...

What gorgeous colours in the sunrise! I take my sunrise photos from the comfort of our home so I have to deal with window distortions and make sure there are no lights on inside that will show up.

Muffy's Marks said...

Never did listen to your elders, about catching a death of a cold, did you? Well at least you kept your feet warm. Love your photos and they were worth it!! Just beautiful. Hope your day is as great as the sunrise!!!

Kristin_Texas said...

What a pretty sunrise! (I'm envying the cold weather. It's back to being hot and humid and sticky here).


TexWisGirl said...

beautiful color!

Amy at love made my home said...

Absolutely beautiful and I can quite understand why you rushed outside to take some pictures! xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. We had a bit of a reddish sky this morning, but nothing like you saw. The sun peeked through for a brief moment and now it is cloudy and dull again. Rain moving in this afternoon.

sweetbriardreams said...

Beautiful shots! It's funny when you realise just how ill clothed you are when taking the perfect shot! Keep WARM! xx

Michelle said...

Beautiful captures!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

what a beautiful start to the day! Next time grab a coat silly girl!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

A beautiful start not only to the day but also to the week ahead, Elaine.