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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vastly Diminishing


Is the delivery of  home postal service and more . The  days of receiving mail at your door is gone and  so is greeting a mail carrier bringing it to your home and having a chat as they hand you your mail . The search for that perfect mail box or even building one  that suits your home and personality  is gone , out dated  and demised .



Whilst here in Canada the home delivery dwindles  fast and large community mail boxes like these ugly ones are put up in each town , village and city . 924958-rows-of-metallic-mailboxes-with-numbers

As so many people in the postal service are pushed out more and more by the modern world of e-cards and  the internet and soon there will be no human postal  delivery service left  as they are talking about the futuristic life of computer remote controlled droids delivering all mail . I think it all has gone totally  POSTAL !!!   I mean they get rid of home delivery , build these huge mail boxes that hold so many and in one spot and have us travel to them . They  have upped the price of stamps and  are getting rid of the workers , I mean what’s with that ? what is this world coming to ? I just wish certain things were  left alone  and stop taking our way of life and doing away with things in hopes for a better future !   key word HOPES !!!! Nothing was wrong with the way things were so stop trying to fix what ain’t broke or change our ways of life  . Sure there are changes in life that’s a given but holly molly give it all a rest .  Our future generations will never get to know what it is like to send or even hand write a card or get that personal  feeling from a card in their hands  much like the demise of the paperback book , or pen to paper , oh don't get me started on that lol  one that some one took the time and effort to shop for write and put in the mail box and send it to them or have it delivered by a friendly mail carrier to their home  .

I am all for the internet as I enjoy this blogging  and sending the odd e-mail but for cards  and do away with hard working people for it   NO !!  , I mean why don't we just have  the best of both worlds new and old . Have you ever seen the TV show Revolution , yeah that could happen no electronics what so ever then were the e-card , e-mails    be , right back to the old ways !  I opt to keeping the old ways alive as well and for as long as I can  . Never say never my mum always told me !


                              Just my rant for today ! as stamps went up to 85 cents to a $1 !  Mail robbery I say !

                                                        Until next time … Have a good day !

                                                            Country Gal


Muffy's Marks said...

I agree with you, the human element is fading into the past.

NanaNor's said...

Good day to you dear friend, I totally agree with you about the diminishing rate of mail. I will say that we have locked boxes and after being a victim of identity theft in Ca. I prefer locked boxes. We know our mail carrier and each year are probably one of a few that give her a gift card for coffee. I imagine they feel free overlooked.
Love the decorative boxes you shared.
Have a great day!
Hugs, Noreen

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

All in the name of...profit! They'd like us to think that it's more efficient, but really it's more profitable for the business. Take gas for our cars, for example. They make you pump it yourself, now, and charge you an astronomical amount! Who benefits? Not me :)

Same thing with banks! They encourage you to do everything online, or at the very least through the machines, and charge you an obscene amount for service! What service? I'm doing all the work!

And on and on...

I hate to see the mail service going down the same road. That is very sad. There is something very special about receiving mail at home. There's a certain type of joy in handwritten cards and letters. And, of course, that there is a human touch in it.


Patsy said...

I know just how you feel, life is changing so fast.

Anonymous said...

Nice mail box. Nice to have a locked mail box...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Elaine, I totally agree with your rant...why change things because change is NOT always for the better. I do send cards, notes, letters all year long. And, while I too like the Internet, it is for long letters to other folks who don't necessarily handwrite theirs. That's OK with me as the cost of postage for some folks is a luxury. But, I never send e-cards for any reason. The cost of a card and postage is worth the expense if it brightens someone's day to get a piece of mail. Ok, I am through with my rant.

Amy at love made my home said...

I missed this somehow, but I agree, pretty much all the post that we get is bills and junk - lots of junk!! I send real live actual christmas and birthday cards, not just e-mails!! The amount that it costs though to send things these days is certainly off putting for some people on a tight budget though I am sure. xx