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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Still Snowing


It started snowing yesterday early morning and hasn't let up yet , all though slowed down a bit .  The snow is now up to Miggs belly .

December 2013 (1 of 6)

                                          Yup she is in the middle  of shaking all that fur lol !

December 2013 (2 of 6)

                                                                 Miggs loves the snow !

December 2013 (3 of 6)

                                      Papa was out shovelling snow as Miggs was watching him !

I spent the best part of the day taking my time putting up some Christmas decorations as I hadn’t yet started till then . We have gone less and with a smaller tree . I call it our Charlie Brown tree lol !

December 2013 (1 of 8)-4

The Christmas teddies were my mums  , Miggs thought they were for her as she snuck one off  of the bench as I wasn’t looking lol  Then she realized they were only for decoration .

December 2013 (6 of 8)-3

December 2013 (8 of 8)-4

December 2013 (1 of 1)-8

                                                                           Santa tea set !

December 2013 (3 of 3)

                                                                      Christmas birdie house !

December 2013 (4 of 6)

Miggs checks her stocking every day to see if Santa paws has been yet , not yet Miggs soon though . Harley well she couldn’t care about her stocking lol

 December 2013 (5 of 6)December 2013 (6 of 6)

Photo of Miggs as a pup !                                                Photo of Harley as a kitten !

So Santa paws knows who's is who's , as he may get confused in the dark lol ! Psst…. don't tell the girls but Papa is Santa paws lol !

   So this is what we have been doing whilst it has been snowing all done now a little less decorations but still pretty and ready for Christmas .

                                            Until next time , Have a good day !

                                                    Country Gal


Anonymous said...

Most of the heavy snow is finished here, just a few flakes coming down. We were out and got the deck, paths and driveway cleared ... lots of good fresh air and exercise :) Got a pot of chili simmering on the stove for dinner later in the week and spaghetti sauce for today. Your decorating looks nice. I want to go with a smaller tree but hubby won't agree ... yet!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your girl is handling that deep snow with no problem! It's really pretty, as is your tree!!

Jane and Chris said...

Saturday was too cold to be outside here -28C...we decorated for Christmas and kept cosy indoors!
Jane x

Amy at love made my home said...

BRRRRRRR!!!! Lots of snow indeed. Miggs looks as though she is having a great time out there though. Shame that you can't get her to clear the paths for you! I hope that santa fills the stockings for the humans too! xx

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, wow, winter wonderland for sure......Sweet Teddies, looks wonderful at your house, so cozy, Blessings Zfrancine.

Michelle said...

I always love seeing pictures of Miggs. Such a sweetie!

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh, it's looking like Christmas there! Have a great week!

colleen said...

I love to watch our dogs in the new fallen snow. Our old lab 13 1/2 yrs, tries to act like a puppy until her age catches up with her. I love, love, love all your decorations!! I seem to cut back more and more on decorating and sometimes I think less is more. Your tree looks so cute. Have a great day!!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Your decorations are beautiful. And I love that 'Charlie Brown' tree! I find the smaller trees adorable.