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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Welcome To Cove Café !


                                     The Café of nectar !

I like it !  A  Café  for nature’s creature's to stop and take a break and have some nectar  sweets  from our gardens and feeders !


   This guy is here every day for hours just drinking the nectar from my cone flowers and seems to like having his photo taken !



    This little guy is the same , he stops here all day on and off for his Café treat as well !


    Hey  , That give’s me an idea for Papa  to make a garden sign that says Welcome To Cove Café !

                                            Until next time , hope you all have a good day !

                                                     Country Gal



grammie g said...

Hi Elaine..Get Papa in the shop ; }
Lovey visitors to the Cove Cafe,love the last one!!
I also love the first one from yesterdays post.gorgeous!!
Looks like fine weather there!!

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

They sure know a good place when they see one. I bet they hope they word does not get out or their quiet days of dinning are gone. You do have a lovely place
Yes, you need a sign but better ask the dinners first if they want all the exposure.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I wish we had spell check, sometimes my fingers flip out and type too many keys... that is my story and I am sticking to it.

NW Nature Nut said...

So pretty!It won't be long and my coneflower will be in bloom too.

Gone Country said...

I really like that first shot... Amazing!

It's fun watching all the creatures enjoy their drinks!

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for sharing your food and critters with us. Here we have bears that kind of dominate when people put out food for other critters...and then the bears aren't really welcome so everyone suffers. I do miss having feeders.

Faye Henry said...

WOW.. that's all I can say.. Awesome pics.. xoxo

Gail said...

My favorite flower!!!!

What beautiful pictures. Took some skill to capture those hummers.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Elaine, only wish I could catch a hummingbird as well as you have here...very lovely shots of the butterfly too which looks like an easetrn yellow swallowtail.

Muffy's Marks said...

Cove Cafe' would be perfect. The butterfly shots are absolutely gorgeous. I like the hummingbird shots also. They are so quick its hard to get a good photo. Until tomorrow!

deborah@confessions of a craigslist junkie said...

Beautiful photos Elaine!