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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hi There !


We are still here , just have been busy .  I try to read as many blogs here as I can and find the time as well to post but some times life gets busy doesn’t  it ?

We took more photos at our Saddle clubs event yesterday . It was very hot and humid but that never stopped anyone from having a good time . There were some new members which is cool cause all horse and riders are different and that makes for great photos . Papa and I are slowly putting a business together of our  K & E Photography . We do it as a hobby but if people want to buy photos they are more then welcome to do so . We do DVD’S  as well as specialty prints . It is just starting to get going word of mouth and as of yesterday we had the riders sign a model release form  they were all for it, gifted them with a DVD of all of them in last months event and gave them our business cards and a price list of prints with or without frames !

So we have been busy as Papa works during the week and I am getting the ideas and searching for ways to make this business grow a bit !


DSC_0483                             Just one of my favourite's from yesterdays event !

                                So until next time hope you all have a Snap Happy day !

                                     Country Gal


April S. said...

Love it - he kinda looks like my boy. Except the tail wringing part, hehe.

Amish Stories said...

It can be a little tough getting to all of those blogs, but im sure everyone understands so dont sweat-it. Richard

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Elaine, keeping up with blog reading and posting and all the other stuff in our individual lives can be so exhausting. I also try to read other blogs a few times a week and fall behind too. We all do the best we can and the computer should be fun and not a task. Great shot of horse and rider. Good luck with the hoot business. I had a small photo card business for a few years and did local craft shows before giving it up. Enjoyed it, but never really made a profit just recycled the sales $ into more supplies, etc.

Stewey said...

It can be difficult to stay on top of blog visits during the week. Love the pic!