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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This & That


Hello all !

Hope everyone is having a good week so far .

The weather here has been amazing . No humidity , beautiful sun with cool breezes the kind of summer weather I remember when I was a kid !

I have been tending to my gardens , weeding , moving this and that , taking Miggy for walks and just enjoying the weather.

Papa painted our bird house flowers a pretty yellow and black for the centre of the flower . It was getting kind of boring to look at now so he decided to pop it with some colour ! I love it !

                                                     Before !



                                                                       After !


                            Just a few photos of what's growing in our front garden !



        Everything is beginning  to bush up fill out  and grow like crazy in all my gardens and planters !

I will be able to take so many photos now cause Papa bought me two more camera batteries . I use two at a time , I have what is called a battery grip , which attaches to your camera , gives you extra to grip the camera better I have a hand strap on mine as well and it holds two batteries . So as I am using two I can now always have the other two charged and vice a versa so I will never run out of battery  WHOOHOO ! I am even more  able to be a snap happy photo taking junkie !

                            Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                     Country Gal


Muffy's Marks said...

Love the color of those pink lillies!
Enjoy these beautiful days!

Julie Marie said...

Oooh your birdhouse looks so cute and it looks like the birdies love it!... your flowers are so pretty!... xoxo Julie Marie

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Love the brightly painted birdhouse flowers, thay look so...happy :)
Everything is growing and looking healthy in your garden, ours was last month, but now we are officially in a drought, and things have started just drying up.
Love your header, Miggy surely has some kind of hound dog genes in her bloodline :0

Faye Henry said...

What a bit of paint can do...Lovely..
Your gardens are looking wonderful.. So glad your hot spell is over..
God bless..

MTWaggin said...

Just look at those pretty pink lilies!

DeniseinVA said...

Wonderful garden you have there, great photos.

trump said...

Glad you folks are having better weather than we are, sticky and hot over my way. Richard

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I love how the flowers pop right out at you. Excellent idea. The gardens are lovely.

Stewey said...

Your gardens are so beautiful!