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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Still Hot & Humid !


As each day passes it seems to be hotter then the day before  but the good thing is the winds from lake Erie which we live a 6 min drive from has been keeping things bearable . Miggy and I have been keeping cool either in the house during the hot afternoons or sitting on our back porch , see we have that huge tree near our porch that  canopies over  a lot of that part of the yard  and porch and that also helps keep it cooler under our porch as well as the cool winds blowing through the porch , so it depends on how hot poor Miggy is whether we stay out or go in  as she has a fur coat in this heat , I cant imagine how hot she feels sometimes !

I rigged up our old beach umbrella over the pergola and bird fountain to keep the hot sun off the the birds water in the fountain .


Doesn't look pretty but it works that's the main thing for the birds to have plenty of cool water to drink in this heat !


            I refreshed all my nectar feeders for the little guys as well , they need a cool sweet drink !


               The mornings are cool under our porch as it faces west , the sun is in the east now and slowly getting higher , stronger and is moving to its highest hottest peak for noon, as it is only 9:30 am as I write this  and its nice and cool in here, still  Miggy and I are off to sit on the porch  and get some air  . I with coffee  and camera in hand  watching and photographing all that is going on in the yard  and Miggy ready to watch or chase the critters  .

                                         Until next time hope you all have a cool day !

                                                          Country Gal


Patsy said...

I know the birds appreciate the cool water. It is so dry here the bees are coming for a drink of water at our bird bath.

Unknown said...

Funny to read it's hot there when I am in Florida..your photography is beautiful.

Terra said...

You are very kind to your song birds and hummers. Water is essential and I like the umbrella shading the bird bath. Stay cool!

Crystal said...

Sure love that header photo of Middy, she looks so soft in her summer haircut.

Anonymous said...

You just have the best photo's....