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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finally !


Finally we have cool weather , sunny with cool breezes and no humidity . It is only 8:45 am Papa is out cutting the grass ,Miggy is herding the tractor every now and then and resting in the shade  lol.

I just finished marinating the steaks for tonight's supper , put the clean dishes away from the dish washer  and started my laundry to be hung out side !

Finally decided what to plant in the flower box on the fence between our sheds that Papa built . Since there is mostly shade there I went with Impatiens , they bush up and out and do cascade a bit , I tried to put  wave Petunias there but they just didn't look right to me so in went the impatiens . Then I got an Idea  OMG  !!  the light bulb went on lol ! I dug this old weathered chair plastic it is and put it in that garden between the sheds with a planter on it  EUREKA !! I liked it,  Hey  !  sometimes ya just have to work with what ya got !!! 

              So I will leave ya all with a few photos of my make shift garden between the sheds !



                       Slipped in a photo of my Tiger Lilies in the garden at the end of our driveway !



                              WALLA !!!!!!!!     Our between the sheds garden  !

                              Yup that's a young maple tree  smack in the middle !

                                          Nothing spectacular but we like it !

                                            Ok well off to hang out the laundry !

                                   Until next time hope you all have a great day   !

                                            Country Gal


grammie g said...

Hi Elaine...Still some humility here, but not like the past three days, of 95 to 100 degree humid weather!!
I wish I had your ambition this morning lol!!
Like your make shift garden as you call it ; } !! Your planters will look fine!!
Enjoy your weekend !!

Julie Marie said...

Love your little garden between the sheds!... and marinaded steaks sound yummy!... enjoy your day... xoxo Julie Marie

Yarning4asmile said...

Its hot here too in alabama!! my love the tiger lilys! i have red/yellow ones and white one. they are very special to me, i dug them up from my grandmothers garden after she passed in 08.. we have moved 4 times since then an i dig them up and take them with us each time. theres a pic of mine here http://lifeonthefarminalabama.blogspot.com/2012/06/country-living.html Have a Blessed Weekend!

Gone Country said...

Very pretty!

Isn't it fun when ideas pop into your head like that?!

Your header cracks me up... it looks like Miggy is in 'time out' or playing hide and seek!

Lorilee said...

I love your chair and flower combination. I envy your cooler weather. We are in the high 90's. Haha, I am hanging out laundry too!

MTWaggin said...

Glad the weather let up and the flowers look great!