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Friday, February 10, 2012

Hello Every One


I would like to welcome all my new followers  and to thank you all so much  . I never dreamed of having so many wonderful bloggers follow my blog and now that we are all Linky crazy its a blast !

I also have signed up Linky to our other blog Country Cove Photography . One of our passions and hobbies is photography !  Some photos may be the same as on this blog ! Pop on over  if and when ya get a chance and have a nose around the blog , hope you enjoy our photos !


                                               Until next time , have a wonderful day !

                                                                Country Gal


fernvalley01 said...

beautiful photo! I tried the linky thing too, not sure if it is working right or not

Tanya@takesix said...

Following you via LF blog hop. Hope to see you at Take Six. :)

Red said...

Just what I needed...a nice summer photo!

Patsy said...

Your photos are great! It looks like blogging is getting the best of me with all this new stuff. I looked at your linky thing and saw some blogs that I like. I don't think I will hop just to much for me.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's easy to see you are wishing for spring weather soon, Elaine. I am happy with being in winter now for awhile longer even if we have not had snow or any really really cold weather...yet.

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

I just followed the new linky tool on your blog. Can you please follow me back? THanks!

Dree Getz said...

I don't see the photo. Just a black box with a triangle.

I'm a follower from the Linky Follower Blog hop! I hope you'll follow me back!