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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Drives Me Nuts


Ok, this new word verification for comments is getting annoying . I wear glasses for the computer and even I cant make out the twisted words and letters ! This will keep bloggers away from commenting if it is not changed for the better . It’s bad enough that GOOGLE  FRIEND CONNECT  will no longer be around by the end of March .

I have hooked up with  LINKY  for that  !  This site gives you all the info !

I have read that a lot of bloggers including myself are having a tuff time with this word verification ! With all these changes I just hope bloggers don't get discouraged and stop blogging  or following at that matter !

Just a quick bug me post and an update as to what's going on in blog land !

A few photos to keep our minds happy , that spring is in the air and will be here !




                             Eastern Blue Bird !


                                Until next time hope you all have a great day !

                                                  Country Gal


Stewey said...

Nice spring pics! And, I agree with you about this frustrating two-word verification process. I think we dogs and parents should sign a petition and paws it forward to Blogger!

Terra said...

Love the bluebird photo.
I agree, it is hard to read the blurry word but so far I have been successful.

Faith said...

Your pictures are lovely and reminds us that blogging brings joy to the heart. Eastern bluebird
so pretty, never seen one, but now
if I do..I'll know what it is...
word verification..agreed. I find that after I do it, I have to go back and check to see if a comment took. Wastes time, causes my trying to be simple world...

Tanya@takesix said...

I turned off our word verification. Blogger does a great job of weeding out spam. I've heard that some people won't leave a comment on blogs with word verification. Although it has never stopped me from leaving a comment, I agree this new one is very hard to read!

Seasons said...

Excellent pictures, every time I visit! And it can't just be the camera. Good choice of subjects and skill. By the way, I came across Hebrew letters for word verification on an English blog!

Thanks for sharing this post.

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Your photography is amazing! Love these nature photos. Really, really nice.

Lorilee said...

Wonderful photos. They put me in the mood for spring! I don't think My blog requires word verification for comments. Please let me know if it does!

Meg said...

Your photo's are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us at Show Off Saturday. Feel free to Show them off anytime!


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your great pictures have given me a good dose of spring fever!! I remember now why I love spring and need to get over this obsession with snow! :-))

I hope you're having a good weekend!!

Faye Henry said...

Beautiful pics..
I just guess at the letters and they just post the comment so far..
As far as linky I am not doing that until I have to if I do.. grin..
God bless..

Teresa said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I agree this word verification is horrible.

Red said...

I agree that the words for verification have taken a turn for the worse. Many blogs don't have word verification. I imagine we will get used to the challenge

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Beautiful pictures..... Bloggers can go into "comments" and turn off the word verification.... it is so much easier that way :)