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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anticipating Spring


          Morning all .

It is 8 am the sun has just risen the temps are chilly but fresh , the birds are busy at the feeders , chatting and singing to a new day ! It will be warming up as the day goes on.  Yesterdays post was a good sign of spring here all the trees are budding , Lilac bushes, Rose bushes, Daffodils and Hyacinths are all coming to life after a very strange winter . The birds are chirping differently like they have a happy spring song  and all seems so fresh and readying its self ! All I truly need to make spring official is to see or hear our Robins back that's when spring has sprung for us here ! To hear his song early morning and late evening . The Robins song is truly my favourite !

I have been looking through my gardening magazines , planning dreaming and enjoying all the different ideas people come up with .


I also love to read Hobby Farming magazines as Hobby farming is how I was raised and I dream to having my own Hobby Farm one day ! I miss all the animals.



                                             I have them displayed on my coffee table .

I enjoy an a ray of  books as well  !       What magazines  or books do you like to read ?

                                   Until next time Hope you all have a great day !

                                                            Country GAL


fernvalley01 said...

I used to read a lot of magazines but lately I just don't seem to find the time, love the gardening ones and yet I am a poor gardener

Meg said...

I can be MIA for hours when I get my favorite magazines in the mail!

I've awarded you the Liebster Award. :-)


Sall's Country Life said...

I used to be a big magazine lover until piles of them caught up to me,and then I couldn't part with them! So now I try to just say "no" to them all together. Now my sister-in-law gives me 2 free sub.and my sister and mother give me their old ones,Yikes! I love Artful Blogger but nobody will buy that one for me,it's too expensive! And after reading your post, I may have to send in the cheap offer for Country Gardens! Ugh, I see more piles of mags. in my future!

Patsy said...

Don't do a lot of magazine's any more. It's all about blogging.
Spring is popping out all over here too.

Red said...

Robins certainly give us the first wonderful tunes of spring. But, even where I live robins overwinter every winter!!!

Crystal said...

I used to read lots of magazines, but now I pretty much just read the horse ones. Although i do like gardening, but only till about August then i am sick of it, lol

Wreaths n Things said...

yay for spring! I have a sick obsession with magazines. Anything country, primitive and about the home.

DebbieDoesCreations said...

I am your newest Linky Follower and I hope you will follow me back!