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Thursday, August 18, 2011



It has been cool the past few days and the mornings have been dewy but this morning is getting humid and sticky. I had to close the windows and turn the AC on. I much prefer to have my windows open so I can smell the fresh air and hear the sounds of nature around the Cove. We are to get rain and thunderstorms this afternoon.

    I took these photos this morning of the fog hovering over the valley as the sun was rising and reflecting off of the fog !




    Then yesterday I was roaming around the garden looking for more to photograph, sometimes things are just to quiet and there's nothing to take pictures of !

                                                         But I found this little guy !



                     He was a bit camera shy and kept turning his back to me !

                                Until next time, hope you all have a great day !

                                         COUNTRY GAL


Jeannelle said...

Your misty morning photos are lovely! We have multitudes of grasshoppers here in Iowa right now.

Amish Stories said...

Very nice images, but that bug would have to get stepped on by me,lol. Richard

Anonymous said...

That flog looks really cool with the reflections on it!

Crystal from ranchriding

fernvalley01 said...

How do you make an ugly little grasshopper a pretty picture

Mama-Bug said...

I love fog photos, it shrouds everything with a bit of mystery. Really cool little grasshopper!

Pat said...

I love those shots of the fog! pretty cool!

You are one brave lady taking photos of that grasshopper! I'd be afraid he'd jump on me and then I'd scream and drop my camera!

Lois Evensen said...

Wonderful images. I really like to be able to keep the windows open, too, especially at night while sleeping. There is just nothing like "outside" air.

Gail said...

The fog is beautiful. The grasshopper is so cool. Great job on all.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

That feeling of fall is in the air, but summer is pretty persistent with the humidity, isn't it?

I love the pictures of the grasshopper. I was taking photos of one today, and I think he was posing for me!!

I hope you're doing well, and have had a good week! I've missed your blog--Terrific photos yesterday too!!