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Monday, August 29, 2011





  The draw bridge over Kettle creek lifting up to let all the huge sail boats through to get to lake Erie ! It lifts every half hour.



      Take a scenic train trip around the Port, river and lake, we will do that next time !



                              The train off to the left is where they have murder mystery night !




                                              A piece of the Port Stanley’s old jail !


                                               OH NO  !!!!! Papa and Miggy are in jail !

Well that was our little day trip to Port Stanley there's still lots to see and do there and lots more to photograph . It only takes us under an hour to get there .Papa and I will return there soon in the fall when all the trees have changed, that should be very pretty for more photos of the other parts of town of Port Stanley Ontario

       Our province has a motto and a song that they advertise because there is so much here to explore and discover !

                                                      ONTARIO, YOURS TO DISCOVER !

                                                         Part 3 tomorrow Papa’s photos !

    Until next time hope you all have a great day of exploring the wonders of your area !

                                                            COUNTRY GAL


Lois Evensen said...

How fun! We just love road trips, either for one day or a few. That looks like lots of fun. We would like to take the train ride, too.

fernvalley01 said...

Funny,I am thinking I have been there, toured Ontario years ago, and I believe this is a town I was in! Such a pretty place

West Side of Straight said...

Looks like you sure enjoyed your day trip! Beautiful header picture too! I enjoyed the pictures of your day trip - just like I was there too! Thanks, jo

Amish Stories said...

Very nice pictures, i really love Canada so ill need to make a trip up there sometime. I like that bridge picture as well, would be scary getting stuck on that in your car!. Richard from Amish Stories.

My Life And Everythng InBetween said...

Love all the pictures! Love the one of the bridge and the train! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Looks coolI love the drawbridge, have never actually seem one up. And the train sounds fun, expecially the murder mystery one!

Crystal from Ranchriding

Gail said...

I have always been fascinated with murder mystery games...I'm afraid I would never guess correctly and make a fool of myself. I was never any good at the game, Clue.

Amish Stories said...

Id like to thank you for reading and taking the time out to stop by Amish Stories. I now have added Google reader to my blog so i hope this helps some folks get to me a little easier. Please stop by for a new post from Jean as well today as foster child Michael has come back to Jeans family!.Jean is old order Mennonite from New York state and she has taken-in an outsider to her loving family. . Richard from Amish Stories.

Pat said...

So much to see in that little town! I bet that train ride would be so much fun!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh what a beautiful place!... I would love to take a little trainride around the water... xoxo Julie Marie

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Hey, I have been looking over the pics from your trip. Oh I want to go here! Can you and Miggy call Soph and I the next time you go? Pretty Please???? Oh I bet that train ride is sooo beautiful in the fall with those leaves changing. How beautiful this place looks!!!!