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Saturday, August 6, 2011



It’s quiet at the Cove today not much going on. It is really hot,humid and muggy out so not much going on outside, all are staying were it’s cool . Papa is finishing building the Arbour and painting it, he has AC in his workshop so  I thought I would leave you with some pictures I collected from the internet. I am still aiming to photograph horses just need to find someone who wont mind, a lot of horse owners don't like strangers taking photos of their horses with out their permission.  These are beautiful creatures . I miss having them but one day I will again!


Haflinger - Ambelia with headcollar





  I had my own pony, a pretty flea bitten grey Welsh gelding when I was younger. He was mainly for pulling a cart when I got him but I trained him to be ridden and had to reteach him how to turn with out the crosswalk that he would do pulling a cart ! I also trained him over jumps, I rode him mainly Western but I did the jumping bareback which isn't much different then riding English ! I grew up with them on our hobby farm and worked with them as a teen with a friend of the family whom was a trainer and a lover of horses and had a mixture of  his own, everything from miniatures to draft. He would take his ponies to the fair for the kids to ride and enjoy every year as well as have kids whom loved horses but couldn't have them ride his horses work with them ,show them at the fair and compete in Equestrian , Dressage and Western shows !

                                 My dream is to have my own horses again one day !

                                  Until next time, hope your day is full of dreams !

                                                 COUNTRY GAL


Lois Evensen said...

You found some lovely shots. We stop along the road and shoot from the edge of the highway to get some wonderful shots. Although we usually don't get up close, it's amazing what is out there to photograph on the back roads. :)

Anonymous said...

Horses are amazing creatures. My fascination started looking at them in movies, and then seeing one up close. Never had one of my own, but am very happy for you. May you have your wish! Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Though I am among the followers of this blog as "Seasons", just have never been able to comment as such. Oh well!

fernvalley01 said...

What cuties!

Laura said...

I love horses too, and had them as a teenager. Oh what I wouldn't give to have one dream!

Patsy said...


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

From the time I was a kid, I have been afraid of horses. However, it has not kept me from admiring how beautiful they are--from a distance! :-)

I hope you have a good weekend!!

Gail said...

I see you have a soft spot for Haflingers...I love that breed and have one.

Horses give me something special. They are a big scary animal able to do damage easily and yet they endure my ignorance and keep me safe.

We had a young lady showing one of our miniatures. Before the show season was over, we gave the horse to her. She was thrilled...and continued to show and win ribbons. Every day she would walk the horse through a senior citizens area and the residents loved it.

Your dream will come true.

Lorilee said...

I hope your dream becomes reality!