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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The weather here has been wonderful, sunshine with cool breezes , the echo of nature in the air and the sweet smell of flowers !


One of Miggy’s favourite places to be. She will climb up on the swing fall asleep as the breeze is blowing making the swing gently move as she dozes off to sleep ! she loves it ! A funny girl she is lol  !


                                             Watching the critters  in the yard !


     Harley is an indoor cat. This is her favourite window sill to sit in and watch the birds and critters and get some fresh air !

                                       So this is what a lazy day looks like at the Cove !    

                                   Until next time, hope you all have a sunny lazy day !   

                                         COUNTRY GALSun


Laura said...

Love the pictures! Your swing looks comfy cozy. I know a couple of lab mixes who would love a cushiony swing in our yard! ☺

Red Gate Farm said...

The dog on the swing makes me laugh! Our yellow lab likes to sit in our Adirondack lawn chairs but I'm sure she'd like this comfy looking swing much, much more!


Mamabug said...

Scoot over Miggy, I'll come swing with you! What a smart girl she is!

Faye Henry said...

So lovely... Warm and friendly...

Far Side of Fifty said...

Miggy looks very comfortable! :)