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Monday, June 13, 2011


We have almost completed our gardening for the season. Only two gardens to tackle , our hill in the front of Papa’s workshop and the top of the back garden !


      My  Knockout rose bush ! We planted this beauty a few weeks ago and she has taken nicely !



                      Our front porch were I like to sit and watch the sun rise !



                                               This big tree is over 100 years old !


                         My little potting shed , also were I keep all the bird food lol !


      Our back porch were I  also love to sit watch the sunset and all the nature around the cove !




   The top half of this garden still needs some work, it has gone a bit wild ! Working on it this upcoming weekend !

              Until next time, Hope you all have a wonderful sunny day !

                          COUNTRY GALSmile


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

I love your home and gardens, so pretty!... and I especially love your 100 year old tree... your little potting shed is so cute too!... wishing you a beautiful Summer day... xoxo Julie Marie

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Country Gal! What a great place you have all the lush green all around you. Ontario is a beautiful province..I'm afraid I only got as far east as Kenora but we loved the area around there when I was a kid. LOVE your porches...nice to sit and watch the sun rise and set on a porch. Our back porch faces east and so does our kitchen so it's a bit hot in the summer until it get's up a bit and the elm tree's block it but the front porch is great (faces south) as it's sheltered by large elms until it get's about 3...then we head back to the back porch. How are the bugs? We don't have the mosquitoes as bad as they have in Manitoba but we do get a few of them if it's a wet summer. Thanks for showing us your's always nice to know where your friends sit and relax. Have a great day!
Maura :)

Carol said...

The picture of the white lilacs is so beautiful. I love lilacs!

Faye Henry said...

Looks so lovely and cozy.. Do you live near a cove or bay of water?

Mamabug said...

Everything looks so lovely and fresh! Enjoy your garden.