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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Getting Through it & Enjoying Spring

Hello , hope all are well and able to keep busy .

Papa is still able to go to work for now and all  are taking the necessary precautions in this crazy time.  He and I are well and are just doing what needs to be done as best as we can day by day .

 I have been able to be outside in the yard enjoying the sunshine warmer temps and all things spring as Miggs and I for time we are out there .
Hope these few photos give you a smile , and if you are able to be outside take advantage of it as the fresh air sights and sounds of nature really does the heart and soul good .

                  Every day this week I have enjoyed the sunrise from my kitchen window .

The bunnies are out and about every morning in the back yard , but as soon as Miggs goes out they scatter lol !

I saw these Tundra Swans fly over way up high for the last time as they migrate to the Arctic .

         Mr & Mrs Robin have been busy every day gathering food and nesting materials .

Mrs Robin likes to sit on our rain gauge and trill and giggle and sing her beautiful song every morning and evening .

            Bushes and trees are budding now and spring flowers are reaching to the sky's .

                     Mr Nuthatch has been busy filling up on seed and playing in the trees .

Mrs Dove taking a well deserved break after she has been collecting nesting material from the gardens every day rigorously and making a nest in our cedar hedges.

Miggs is doing well , looking a little scruffy as this is the time she would of already gone to the groomer but she is enjoying the nicer weather outside with me .

We are to be getting  rain for the next few days . Miggs and I have also been enjoying our early morning walks , we see the odd neighbour walking their dog and we stay across the road form one another and have a little chat then off we go on our way other then that our valley and village streets  are pretty much deserted , I myself don't find the isolation  any different as I am a home body anyways and prefer the comforts of our home ,  the yard , Miggs and the nature we are so blessed to have here  .

                                          Stay well all .  Until next time .

                                 Country Gal



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