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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Trying Times

Hello all .

 Its been sometime since I have posted anything here . Things have been on the busy side here . Papa and I have been busy looking after our in laws pets whilst they were away in Florida for 3 months , They are home now safe and sound made it in last night , they drove down  and said the roads and border were pretty quiet yesterday with  this Covid-19 realization ,  they are self isolating for two weeks now even though they haven't had any symptoms but being on the side of cautious for all ,so Papa and I have been busy keeping their house clean as well as stocking up their fridge and cupboards with essentials for them before they arrived at home and will be doing their groceries and what not till their two weeks of isolating is done . This is all so real and I hope all are doing ok in this world wide epidemic . Papa is still able to go to work for now as his company is doing all they can to keep their employees safe and still able to have  paychecks rolling in for them but they have had conversations  what will be done if all have to be at home or choose to work from home (etc) .
Myself , I am a home body anyways so I am ok with this isolation I have been busy keeping our house sanitized as much as possible and we both have always been good at washing our hands , so much my hands get dry lol   other than the internet or watching movies and TV in the evenings most of the time during the day weather permitted I am  going outside in our yard and going for walks with our Misty and enjoying the nature we have in the yard and our valley , speaking of Misty , last time I posted Misty AKA Miggs  had a sore leg or so we thought it was a sore leg , turned out it wasn't her leg at all but her paw of the same leg , she had cut or punctured one of her pads/ toes  some how and under all her paw fur it was swollen and got very puffy and after we went to the vet again on our way home her paw burst and leaked yukky stuff allover the back of the van , to make the story short she was on antibiotics and had to wear a booty and I had to  wash it with warm water and Epsom salts three times a day for 2 weeks and now she is all better and back to her old self well sort of , with  her arthritis she has her good days and bad days but still a happy girl regardless .

So It is officially SPRING now and we are happy about that , all our spring birds have returned and are chasing each other about and some have even started collecting their nesting materials and  the yard is busy busy , our chipmunks have been busy gathering  and running a muck lol  and our spring flowers have popped out from the grounds and growing fast .  I haven't been taking many photos either with everything that's been going on  but hope to get back into that more as soon as the spring rolls on and things here quiet down a bit more now . 
Just a few photos  over  the past few days though . 

As we are all in these trying times right now with this nasty virus traveling the world  ,I would like to wish you all good health and please lets help each other as much as we can get through this as we are all in it together  .
                                           Until next time

                           Country Gal




Linda said...

stay safe Elaine...
Linda :o)

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Yes I wondered where you had gone and I missed seeing Miggs so glad you are all well. Stay safe.